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😍 Look at these wonderful pull-to-refresh animations!
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😻📚 Awesome 3D book reading app made with Flutter!
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😍💪 Look at the power of Flutter + NFC!
⚡️ Here's how to approach Clean Architecture in Flutter (no BS).

Full Schema: https://flutter.wtf/clean 👈
Please don't do like this in your Flutter projects:

Sorry, but we notice the same mistake too often to keep silent 😌
📊 We compared all Dart server frameworks that we use in production:

* Of course, there are more options. But the remaining libraries are not ready for use in client projects.
📊 About 70% of What the Flutter engineers use VSCode. You?
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AR/VR in Flutter: Yes or No?

🚫 Why No: Flutter is not a dedicated AR/VR framework, it is simply not intended for creating AR/VR experiences, unlike Unity, for example.

Why Yes: Flutter has exceptional cross-platform capabilities that allows to create apps seamlessly integrated into AR/VR environments, as demonstrated in the video.
⚡️ Important Flutter 3.22 updates in 30 seconds:

1. Web assembly stable support.
2. Graphics rendering enhancements.
3. Preview of Vertex AI for Firebase in Dart.
4. Widget state properties improvements.
5. Dynamic view sizing improvements.
6. Flavor-conditional asset bundling.

You can also read the official update article 👀
3 Performance Mistakes in Flutter ListViews:

1. Using 'NeverScrollableScrollPhysics' + 'shrinkWrap'.
Consider using 'Slivers' as an alternative.

2. Letting Each List Item Determine Its Own Height.
Use 'prototypeItem' or 'itemExtent' to standardize item height.

3. Utilizing a Separate Padding Widget for Each List Item.
Use the 'padding' parameter directly in the 'ListView'.

Ever encountered these in your Flutter projects? 🤔💬
5 Flutter mistakes we notice on client projects:

1. Being Afraid to Use AI Tools 🙀
2. Ignoring Responsive Design 📱
3. Not Optimizing Asset Loading 🚀
4. Ignoring CI/CD and Autotesting 🤖
5. Overusing Animations and Effects 💫

Ever encountered these in your Flutter projects? 🤔💬
⚡️ We compared Firebase and Supabase.

We often use both solutions in What the Flutter client projects, depending on the specific use case. So there is no clear winner 😌
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🔥 Wow... We just tried the Dart macros that were recently released on GoogleIO. Just look at their power!

You can also check the official update 👀
🙅‍♂️ When NOT to use Flutter:

1. Your app requires complex background processing.
2. App size is a critical factor for your target audience.
3. The app relies heavily on platform-specific APIs.
4. The app needs advanced video or audio features.
5. Your team lacks experience with Flutter or Dart.

P.S. We often talk here about how good Flutter is (and that's actually true 😏). But there are still a few cases where we'd rather not use our favorite technology.
⚡️ 2 formulas we use to estimate Flutter projects.

All variables represent time in hours. For higher or lower risks, the coefficients may vary, but the most commonly used ones are shown in the picture.
🙀 FlutterFlow: Yes or No?

Why Yes:
- Rapid Prototyping: Create MVPs quickly with drag-and-drop.
- Minimal Coding: Ideal for people with no coding experience.

Why No:
- Limited Customization: Complex features may need extra coding.
- Performance: Direct Flutter usage results in better performance.
- Cost Consideration: FlutterFlow requires subscription payments.

👨‍💻 We prefer coding over drag-and-drop.
🔥 Why to choose ReactNative over Flutter in 2024.

We thought about this for a while and came up with all the possible reasons why someone might pick React Native over Flutter today:

1. None.
2. None.
3. None.

We tried our best to add more points to the list, but we couldn't 😏
Flutter is not always Material design.

Here is 3 more libraries our clients use in production:

👉 Cupertino: Not only for iOS, highly customizable;
👉 Fluent UI: Frequently used for desktop first apps;
👉 Shadcn UI: Unique design option for a fresh look.