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For billions of people, Flow provides the infrastructure for open, composable and permissionless apps. By Dapper Labs team, creator of CryptoKitties, NBA Top Shot and Dapper wallet.
Website: https://www.onflow.org/
Discord: https://www.discord.gg/flow
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Today is a monumental day for the entire Flow community as permissionless smart contract deployment on Flow is live NOW! This means smart contract deployment on mainnet for all developers can happen without review as of today. Now, you can go straight from testing your smart contract on testnet to deploying it on mainnet.

Want to learn more about permissionless? Check out our full announcement blog post: https://www.onflow.org/post/permissionless-smart-contract-deployment-flow-blockchain
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Get hyped 4 tomorrow's Office Hours, where we'll be joined by 4Everland and Hype.Day! We'll also be talking about the NFT Catalog and how it unlocks interoperability #onFlow! 🌊

⏰ Live Thu. 7/14 @ 8am PT | 5pm CET

πŸ‘‰ Join In: http://discord.gg/flow
πŸ–₯️ Stream: http://twitch.tv/flow_blockchain
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Office Hours is going live soon with 4EVERLAND, Hype.Day, and more!

Talk to you soon!

πŸ‘‰ Join In: http://discord.gg/flow
πŸ–₯️ Stream: http://twitch.tv/flow_blockchain
πŸ“£ Some exciting news!

You can now swap between USDC on Ethereum and USDC on Flow through BloctoSwap's new cross-chain bridge solution, Teleport!

Blocto Teleport πŸ‘‰ https://swap.blocto.app/#/teleport
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Fan of dogs? Enjoy wine? Well, you'll want to join us for Office Hours this week, where we'll be hearing from the teams behind Solar Pups 🐢 & Cuvée Collective 🍷

⏰: Live Thu. 7/21 @ 8am PT | 5pm CET

πŸŽ₯: Stream: http://twitch.tv/flow_blockchain
Load up your ❓ here: https://bit.ly/oh-july21

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Zigazoo Kids is bringing the next BIG kids brand to Flow! With Blippi's 16M YouTube subscribers joining Zigazoo, their vision of becoming THE family friendly Web3 community grows even stronger πŸ’ͺ

This adds to an already strong roster of major kids brands like CoComelon, Qai Qai, Nyla Haye's Long Neckie Kids and more on the way. When it comes to building the bridge between family friendly content and blockchain technology, Zigazoo Kids is onboarding a major wave of users into Web3

Claim your Blippi Fan Pass on ZIGAZOO! ⬇️
The world's first NFT wine club, Cuvée Collective is #onFlow and getting ready to pop some corks and pour some grapes 🍷

Learn all about CuvΓ©e Collective and how they're upping the ante with exclusivity for wine connoisseurs in our latest Partner Spotlight πŸ‘‡

Today’s the day πŸ₯³

Flow’s partnership with Instagram begins rolling out, which means select users can now connect their Dapper wallet and showcase their favorite NFTs directly on their IG account!

Access will be rolling out all month, so get ready for #FlowOnIG

We’re excited to give everyone a new way to share part of who they are across Instagram. This partnership reflects just how much Flow has resonated with developers, creators, and users by providing the right foundation to support consumer-scale NFT adoption

πŸ‘‡ How to connect your Dapper wallet with Instagram when you get access πŸ‘‡

1️⃣ Login to IG. Tap your profile, then settings. Tap Digital Collectibles
2️⃣ Select Dapper. Tap continue
3️⃣ Enter your pw if needed
4️⃣ Tap Sign
5️⃣ Tap OK
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🐢 It's a big day #onFlow! The SolarPups pre-sale is live now and folks are adopting their metaverse forever friends #onFlow! SolarPups are fully 3D rendered for augmented reality, interactive, and features breeding gameplay so you can grow your pack! These Gen 0 pups feature exclusive traits that won't be released in the future, so get your ultra-rare Pup while you can!

Head on over to https://www.solarpups.com/, and if you miss out on a pre-sale pack, they'll start releasing doggos to the public on August 11th!

πŸ—“ Key Dates
August 8th: 100 Pre-Sale Packs available to Early Access members in our Discord
August 11th: Pack reveal + Doggy Timeout Clock begins (4 dogs released every hour)
August 22nd: Play and Breeding Features launch on our website

Social Links
You can follow SolarPups everywhere 🐾

πŸš€ Twitter: @krikeyapp - https://twitter.com/KrikeyApp
🐢 Twitter: @solarpupsNFTs - https://twitter.com/SolarPupsNFTs
β˜€οΈ Discord: https://discord.gg/krikey
🐾 Website: https://www.solarpups.com/
Flow is the best place to build web3 apps and mint NFTs, and now, it's getting even better. With our partnership with Meta, collectors can share their favorite digital collectibles minted #onFlow directly on Instagram

Dapper is home to iconic sports moments, PFPs with vibrant communities, and has something for everyone. Being able to express your Web3 self alongside Instagram's 1.4B+ users is a major step into the future, and a major win toward mass adoption

Learn more about how Dapper is bringing its incredible collection of NFTs to Instagram: https://dap.pr/d6g
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Wondering how to connect your Dapper wallet to Instagram?

We made a quick and easy tutorial on how you can check to see if your account has access to Digital Collectibles as Instagram progressively rolls the feature out!
⚽️ Aera by OneFootball is bringing Serie A fútbol to Flow, adding one of the biggest leagues in the world to our growing fútbol ecosystem!

Millions of fans will be able to collect NFTs of the sport they love for the first time, and we couldn't be prouder that Flow is building the Web3 home for all fΓΊtbol fans!

Learn more about Aera by OneFootball and how they're bringing Serie A action to Flow: https://www.onflow.org/post/onefootball-serie-a-nfts-aera-flow-blockchain

Want to get in on the ground floor of Aera?

πŸ—“ Early access drop: 8/29
⚽️ First public drop: 9/5

Pre-register today and make sure you're one of the first collectors to experience Aera #onFlow πŸ‘‡
πŸ“£ Can we have your attention please!

We're launching a Build on Flow 101 Workshop!

πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» Learn about Flow & Cadence
🎟 Collect and earn FLOATs
πŸšͺ Gain access to unique channels in the Flow Discord for completing the quest

Learn the basics directly from the Flow Developer Advocate Team and start your Web3 journey #onFlow

πŸ—“ Date: 8/31 @ 8am PT | 6pm CET
πŸ“ Signup Form: https://dapperlabs.zoom.us/webinar/register/4416606806904/WN_K7uXnuTrRkmgYrFuQuuSqg

What You'll Learn
- Learn how to use Flow CLI for development
- Create a Testnet account on Flow
- Send a transaction to sign the 'Flow Yearbook' to make it official!

What You'll Earn
- A proof-of-attendance NFT (FLOAT) for attending the workshop
- A unique FLOAT for completing the quest after the workshop that will grant you access to a completion-gated Discord channel

πŸ“ Signup Form: https://dapperlabs.zoom.us/webinar/register/4416606806904/WN_K7uXnuTrRkmgYrFuQuuSqg
Why is Cadence, the smart contract programming language #onFlow, so innovative? Its resource-oriented programming paradigm mitigates the shortcomings of Solidity, optimized for asset management

Check out this head-to-head analysis explaining the way Cadence improves on Solidity

πŸ‘‰ https://dev.to/johnjvester/smart-contract-head-to-head-ethereum-vs-flow-12ed
Say hello to a new permissionless node type #onFlow, Observer Nodes. We're excited that now ANYONE can run a node on Flow. Observer nodes allow operators to keep a locally accessible, updated, and verified copy of the block data.

πŸ‘‰ Check out the full announcement on Observer Nodes right over here: https://flow.com/post/flow-blockchain-permissionless-observer-node-operation

πŸ‘‰ And if you want to dig into the technical details of Observer Nodes and permissionless node operation, check out our detailed forum post on the topic: https://forum.onflow.org/t/path-to-permissionless-node-operation/3527

πŸ‘‰ Last but not least, we have a brand new Node Operation landing page that has a ton of great information for the community: https://flow.com/node-operation
From the makers of Seussibles comes a new collecting experience tailor-made for comic book fans

πŸ’­ Enter OneShots by Tibles

πŸ’₯ Sign up for early access today at http://oneshots.com
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Big news for live event fans! Ticketmaster Event Organizers now can offer digital keepsakes, minted #onFlow!

πŸŽͺ Activate access to experiences and rewards

And that's not all!

Stay tuned for some exciting prizes 🀫
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Have you grabbed your Flovatar TerraKit yet? There's ONLY about 400 packs left, and with it you get:

πŸŒ‘ Asteroid land plot
πŸ€– Your Flobot for terraforming
🏭 The Flovatar Universe Builder
+ a 10K $FLOW giveaway across 204 people who grab a pack!

πŸ‘‰ flovatar.com/pack/login
The TuneGO Snoop Dogg x Method Man drop is LIVE NOW!

πŸ‘‰ Exclusive new track available only #onFlow + digital artwork featuring two hip-hop legends 🎀
πŸ‘‰ Just $20 each

πŸ“¦ Grab one today: https://tunegonft.com/drop-details/6cb1e00e-66e7-412c-9833-c3ab91cd4b99