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Florida Convoy to Tallahassee
651.083 Florida Statute
Read Article 1 Declaration of Rights Section 23 of the Florida State Constitution
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Governor Greg Abbott States Can Take Action Now

Chris Salcedo
Watch the video of Ted Cruz and Ron Johnson.

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David Riddell A Dangerous Fugitive Because he is Not Wearing a Face Mask

Oreo Express
Streamed live on July 19, 2022
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You Are Not As Safe As You Think You Are

Read the Declaration of Independence with young children.

12828 Winchester Ave.
Bunker Hill, WV 25413

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Patriots Take Over Tampa
Benny on the Block
Episode 57

Turning Point USA

Benny Johnson goes live from SAS2021 on YouTube
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The 1776 Restoration Movement

July 26
(Day 67)

Day 21 in Hancock Park on the Washington D.C. National Mall.

A military operation occurred on the 1776 RM on July 6. Santa was taken into custody as a Political Prisoner.

July 8 Day. Santa has returned to Hancock Park.

Today is July 26. Rally in Hancock Park. Where are you? You have 72 hours from now to make your decision.

Read the Declaration of Independence with young children.

12828 Winchester Ave.
Bunker Hill, WV 25413

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You Are Now Under Arrest for Violation of a City Ordinance, for Not Sitting in a Proper Place

"He was having problems with a black female sitting in the white section of the bus."

Former Montgomery Police Department officer Leroy Pierce was the first to arrive on the scene of Rosa Parks arrest, although he did not arrest her. Here he recalls the day that started the bus boycott.

Did Rosa Parks inspire John F. Kennedy and the Revolution of 1960?
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Rotary Podcast
Episode E01

Interviewing Private Attorney General Adriana Estevez about restoring our Republic in partnership with the 1776 Commission. You will enjoy listening to this conversation.

Read about the President's Advisory 1776 Commission.
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Howard Zinn: The People's History of the United States

Exploiting the immigrants in the North of America.
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The weekly roundtables are part of the Defend Florida Podcast series and the Liberty First Studio.


Talk about the Dr. Richard Fleming affidavit and audio deposition.
Florida Event

Tallahassee Assembly
Help us defend rights.

September 2022

Historic Front Steps
400 South Monroe Street
Tallahassee, FL


Vote for Jeremy Brown
District 62

Colleen Wright

Dan Sullivan
Joe Hill Last and Final Will
Good luck to all of you.
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Media is too big
The Biggest Lie in History

Dr. Andrew G. Huff
IRS Agents sware an Oath (5 U.S. Code 3331 Oath of Office) to the U.S. Constitution.
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While the Rest of Us Die: Secrets of America's Shadow Government
2 seasons

From the Cold War to COVID. Vice TV.

Continuity of Government first started 70 years ago during the Dwight D. Eisenhower administration.

"Presidential Emergency Action Documents"?
S1 E1
It is obvious now that, Jim Crow was a KKK member writing city and county ordinances in the State of Alabama.

Mississippi Burning 1964.

Hitler was telling Jews to wear yellow stars, same thing.

Today, same thing.
What is your "Long Train of Abuses"?

Please comment below.
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Acting Under Color of Law
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Roadside Affidavit
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