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We are now simulating the unavailability of ru region.
#ru: downtime started, error: Telematics Gateway failed to accept incoming connection from simulated device. Usually this indicates that channel's IP:port is unavailable for devices.
#ru: downtime ended, period: 22 seconds
Channel name was changed to «flespi noc (ru)»
In few seconds we will simulate the unavailability of ru region.
#ru: downtime started, error: Telematics Gateway failed to accept incoming connection from simulated device. Usually this indicates that channel's IP:port is unavailable for devices.
#ru: downtime ended, period: 17 seconds
Dear flespi users!

Today (March 11, 2020) within the next 2 hours we are going to install tokens ACL update (https://forum.flespi.com/d/143-changelog-flespi-platform-api/2). This update closes a four-week transition period. If you have received warnings about deprecated ACL usage when creating or updating your tokens, then access via these tokens may stop working as expected.

If you have questions or encounter any issues, please contact us via forum or helpbox chat.

Sorry for any inconveniences.
Dear flespi users!

As a part of our anti-DDoS preventive measures we are softly switching from IP-based channel specification to DNS-based. Each channel is assigned its unique DNS record in form {channel-id}.flespi.gw which points to the same IP address as it was before.

It means that except the visualization part currently there are no actual changes occurred in the endpoint where to connect your telematics devices. However we strongly recommend you to update the server address of your devices from IP-based format to the new DNS format as proposed by the channel uri property.

The most important change is that for all new channels created from this point of time, with ID higher then 18000 we expect that the devices connect to DNS name and we may further change IP address it points to without additional notice. Please be aware.

More details on this change you may read in the telematics hub changelog: https://forum.flespi.com/d/25-changelog-flespi-telematics-hub/23
Dear flespi users!

Today we will gently modify database schema for part of our services to standardize some components.

During active upgrade process which should take no more then a minute per system you may experience "400 Bad request" replies for REST API calls.
In that case it is possible that our automatic uptime testing system will even detect and report in the NOC short downtime periods.

Please be aware that this is controlled process.

Have a wonderful week!
Dear flespi users!

Our connectivity provider in datacenter has scheduled its maintenance operations for the Wednesday-Thursday night. During these operations flespi network may be unavailable from Internet for short period of times.

Planned start Time: 20.05.2020 21:01 GMT
Planned end Time: 21.05.2020 03:00 GMT

We hope offline periods will be as short as possible. Sorry for any inconveniences!
Dear flespi users!

We are preparing some changes to the REST API that may affect your projects. To clarify the names of the methods, we decided to rename "gw/protocols" to "gw/channel-protocols".
Both names will exist until November 23rd.
A more detailed explanation and a complete list of the affected methods are available here:
Dear flespi users!

We're going to simplify the development of streaming protocols. Thus, we decided to move the protocol from a stream configuration to an independent entity. This entailed small changes in the REST API, which you can see here:
Hi flespi users,

The new REST API for streams was announced a few months ago, and the new and old format were available until mid-December.
The obsolete format has now been removed and is no longer supported.

Please let us know if you have any problems with streaming.
Over the past few weeks, we have moved the device REST API methods to a new engine. The methods and their result remain unchanged.
Today we plan to smoothly upgrade our services. But if you notice any incorrect behavior, please contact us.

Thank you for being with us.
Dear flespi users!

Today we will perform planned servers OS maintenance. This is a controlled process and we do not expect any impact on the platform services, but you may experience short reconnects to MQTT broker while we upgrade this or that server.

Just for your information. Have a good & peaceful day!
We have two important updates.
The first refers to flespi users who have their own solutions that work with device telemetry via the REST API. We're going to replace the old telemetry request with a more flexible request.
More details here: https://forum.flespi.com/d/25-changelog-flespi-telematics-hub/55
Before replacing, we'll make sure no one else is using the deprecated method.

The second one is an error in the Wialon retranslator streams. Due to an implementation error, the stream correctly sent only the first message in the packet, the rest of the messages were garbled.
It lasted from 2021/04/07 17:15 (UTC) to 2021/04/09 15:26 (UTC). We apologize for this situation and are ready to re-stream lost messages again if you need it.
We are declaring the future upgrade for filter expression format in various REST API calls. The most important and popular are the GET /devices/XXX/messages, GET /calcs/XXX/devices/YYY/intervals API calls. But also all calls for logs and statistics retrieval are affected as well as GET /channels/XXX/messages API call in serial mode together with containers and cdns in storage system. Take special care to the filter field in your API call. If you are using this field - you may be affected, if not - just be informed.

Once the whole upgrade is finished it will be possible to use extended expressions in requests with math functions, arithmetic operations, brackets for operations priority and so on. But so far we made simple compatibility mode that you need to adjust your requests to.

Please read the whole changelog post here with dates and stages: https://forum.flespi.com/d/25-changelog-flespi-telematics-hub/56
We will further publish all updates about this process on the forum under the link above and you may subscribe with email to keep yourself updated.