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The official chat for the FLDB Coin.

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Simple explanation of FLDB
Stage 9 live
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Hello everyone,
We will be listed on the stock market at the end of the month. We have some surprises for you.
‣ %10 bonus for everyone
‣ %30 bonus for $250+
‣ %40 bonus for $500+
‣ %50 bonus for $1000+
The bonus staking program for FLDB starts today. Users that hold their FLDB Tokens in their FLDB can take part in the 6, 12, and 18 months staking pools. 📈📆

We invite you to stake your FLDB Tokens, earn up to 94% APY .

🔷 The staking offer is limited! 🔷

Visit app.fldbcoin.com/stake to stake your FLDB and earn %94 APY ! 🚀
Invest 1000$ get 1500$ worth of FLDB . Don’t missout %50 bonus
We’re giving away 1000$ to From KYC Verifiers of FLDB Coin

Please check our twitter account for more information.

FLDBcoin will be listed on PancakeSwap on 30.06.2022.
Listing date August 30 , 2022

ProBit says about itself that lists 'qualified and deserving' crypto projects. We're glad to be perceived like that.

Register Probit here : https://www.probit.com/r/15951292
FLDB Coin to be listed on ProBit Exchange

Listing date: August 30, 2022
07:00 UTC

Register probit here > https://www.probit.com/r/15951292
Trading Competition

100K FLDB will be awarded to the 1 person with the highest trading volume.

And 50K FLDB will be given to 3 people among the traders.

Conditions of the competition
♻️Retweet Twitter post.
💰Trade buy/sell with FLDB.
✍️ Paste your wallet address in twitter comment in post.
will burn on friday
6-month stake payments started. Don't forget to check your account.