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Vocabulary Resource - 5 - GRE and Band 9.pdf
371.4 KB
2️⃣0️⃣ Expressions that you MUST know to ace the exam‼️

Looking for that elusive 3️⃣2️⃣0️⃣ in GRE or that perfect 9️⃣ band in IELTS? Or just want that extra 20 points for immigration? Here are 2️⃣0️⃣expressions that will take you to your dream.

#9band #vocabulary #gre #speaking #writing
Each of these Idioms has been used based on articles in newspapers! Look at the article here:

#Band9 #GREVocab #Reading
Grammar Tip for the day!

#been #gone #grammar
Use these common words to supercharge your vocabulary and understanding!

Take a look at this short quiz and see how well you know these words!
Which of these two sentences would you prefer to use? 💖💖

Understanding clauses is an important aspect of reading, This post will help you understand the basics of clauses aand why they are important.

Read look at the entire article here:

🔦Or Click Here
Here is a test on sentence variety. See how many sentences you can get right!

This will be the ultimate test of your language ability!

Checkout the awesome way of accomplishing this! Look at technique in the link below!
Please hit the thumbs up button if you want more of such articles with phrases and vocabulary.

#band8 #vocabulary #gre
For those that want more, we have a few word use and sentence exercises coming up.

Till that time, here is another set of sentences and phrases that can supercharge 🔋 your language
Grammar and Lexical Resource - Resource.pdf
1.5 MB
Here we are again - With a series of sentences and paras that will help you get better at Grammar and Lexical Resource!

There are questions too! Answers will be published shortly in the comments section.

If you want answers straightaway, please leave a comment below!

#GRE #IELTS #Grammar #LexicalResource
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Grammar and Lexical Resource - Resource.pdf
Answers for Grammar and Lexical Resource.pdf
7.8 KB
Here are the answers for the previous test. If you have any questions, you can always leave them in the comments below!
Webster's Essential Vocabulary.pdf
5.1 MB
Add 1500 Words to Your Vocabulary

A comprehensive list of words that every student of English ought to know!

Seek, and you shall find!
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This fun video is a parody of the listening tests in English proficiency tests. It comes with subtitles. Hope you all enjoy this one!
Idiom Use - Sadness!
Idiom Use - Happiness!
9 Band Essays - 2.pdf
150.8 KB
Take a look at two 9-Band Essays on the Same topic! One talking about pros and the other talking about cons!

Topics on
#Environment #Economic Development #9band
Word Power.pdf
75.6 KB
Here is a set of words that you could learn for today! These are commonly used words in both GRE and IELTS.

#vocabulary #lexicalresource
Word Power 2.pdf
101.9 KB
This is yet another set of words. Once again, some are important and the other are REALLY important.

#vocabulary #lexicalresource
Word Power 3.pdf
269.8 KB
This is the third day of the vocabulary week, and here is a third set of words. Three time's the charm!

#vocabulary #lexcialresource