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Finlchain partners with Oint, Trigo, Alman etc.

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A new promotional video for FINCHAIN ​​has been uploaded to YouTube.
Thank you for your support.

FINLCHAIN 새로운 홍보 영상이 유튜브에 업로드 되었습니다.
많은 응원 부탁드립니다.

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Finl(FIN) is listed on Coinmarketcap
Please check the link below for more details.

Finl(FIN)가 Coinmarketcap 에 등재 되었습니다.
자세한 사항은 아래 링크를 확인해 주세요.

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FIN(FINL) will be listed on LBank at 10:00 on November 16, 2022 (UTC), the details are as follows:

Trading Pair: FIN/USDT
Trading Area: Innovation Zone
Deposit Enable: 12:00 November 15, 2022 (UTC)
Trading Open: 10:00 November 16, 2022 (UTC)
Withdrawal Enable: 12:00 November 17, 2022 (UTC)

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‼️ Attention Everyone ‼️

❗️Spam messages impersonating Finl community managers are being sent❗️

Beware of spam airdrop channels!!

Please be reminded that admins WILL NEVER SEND DM FIRST! Beware of fake accounts and scammers.

If you have received a DM that is impersonating an admin or if you were invited to any fake FINL group/channel, please ignore, block, and report the account.

Let's all help and keep our community safe and report any suspicious groups. Thank you.