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43 JavaScript Questions, With Their Answers Explained

Whether for fun or a job interview, this remains an interesting set of JavaScript-related questions, complete with explanations of the answers. -

Vue.js Performance - Optimizing third-party libraries - Filip Rakowski

Vue.js is generally very performant and small, but that might not be true about all the other packages that you use in your app. In this article, Filip Rakowski explains how to define a performance budget, compare how different libraries affect the performance and load time (using Bundlephobia) and optimize your imports. -

The State of Storybook at the End of 2019

Storybook is a popular tool for developing and showcasing UI components (originally just for React, but now supporting Angular, Vue, and others). 2019 saw even more growth for Storybook’s ecosystem and community. -

Min and Max Width/Height in CSS

Ahmad Shadeed goes through the maximum and minimum CSS properties for width and height explains each one and lists possible use cases. -

Create a Valid SSL in Localhost for Angular Applications

Serve your Angular application in a local environment with https. -

How We 30x-ed Our Node Parallelism

An interesting write up of how one team safely increased the parallelism of their Node-based service. You might find things to argue with here, but this is real world stuff. -

Accessible form error auto-focus with Vuelidate in Vue – Marina Mosti

Looking for an easy way to improve the user experience of your forms? And make them more accessible as a bonus? In this article, Marina Mosti shows a technique that helps with all that by communicating errors to screen readers and auto-focus fields with errors when you try to submit a form. Pretty neat! -

Dan Abramov's 2010-2019 in Review

If you don’t know Dan (prolific React blogger, core team member, Redux co-creator, etc.) you might not enjoy this story, but otherwise it’s pretty neat to see how someone well known in our space got to the position they have. -

10 Tricks to Optimize Your Angular App

The author of this article collected a list of practices that will help us boost the performance of our Angular applications. -

What are the React Team's Principles?

I’m glad Dan caught the blogging bug over the Christmas holidays because not many people did :-) Here we learn a little about how the React core team operates and what their main principles are. -

Lazy Resolving Observable API Services with Vue.js - Markus Oberlehner

Another interesting article by Markus Oberlehner. This time, Markus shows us how to build a lazy API service that allows us to automatically fetch resources that we need, but only when we need them based on actions like scrolling into view. -

Angular 8 Bootstrap in deep

The Angular bootstrap sequence starts after the load of the index.html and the JavaScript bundles produced by Webpack. Angular Runtime creates the platform where the application can be started and finally the root component is rendered. -

Finally, a CSS Only Solution To :hover on Touchscreens

Mezo Istvan gives a short introduction to Interaction Media Features that will help you distinguish and target mouse and touchscreen devices. -

Microbrowsers Are Everywhere

Gets into the minutia of microbrowsers - the small previews of your site that are pervasive all around the web and through social media apps (like a link preview in a messaging app) and search engines. -

Magical Rainbow Gradients with CSS Houdini and React Hooks

Whether or not you like the end effect (an animated gradient on a button), this is a fantastic and partially interactive exploration of solving a styling problem. -

Suspense - new feature in Vue 3

In this article, we take a deep dive into the new Suspense feature that will be shipped with Vue.js 3. Suspense is a special component that renders a fallback content instead of your component until a condition is met. -

Angular in 2020 and Beyond

First, let’s talk about what the benefits of Angular are, what will change, and is Angular better than React? -