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Don’t Compromise On Your Kids’ Nutrition — A Guide To A Vegan | Fatty Crab

You might have some concerns about whether or not your child can get everything its body needs on a vegan diet. Let us reassure you right away that it can get enough nutrition even while eating solely plant-based foods. Let’s talk about kids nutrition.


6 Simple Ways to Start Your Day off Better | Fatty Crab

When it comes to a good day, it usually starts with a good morning. Starting your day is simpler than you think. With minimal prep, your mornings will be a breeze whether you’re a night owl or an early morning bird. Here are 6 simple…

Essential Guide to a Vegan Keto Diet: Low-Carb and Plant-Based | Fatty Crab

You might think it’s impossible to simultaneously follow both a vegan and keto diet since most vegan food sources tend to be pretty high in carbs. Great news: vegans can eat a low-carb, keto diet, too! Learn more below to keep your body in ketosis…

12 Deliciously Greasy Foods That Taste Great at Home or While Dining Out | Fatty Crab

Everyone can agree that greasy foods are a guilty pleasure. It doesn’t matter how bad they are for you, there’s something about the greasy goodness that excites taste buds. What’s even better about foods that are filled with grease is that they taste amazing whether…

The Fine Dining Guide to Good Sushi | Fatty Crab

That melt-in-your-mouth texture of fresh fish, coupled with the perfectly prepared rice and just a smidge of salty sharpness. If you’ve ever had incredible sushi, you know exactly what that tastes like.

But with sushi booming in popularity, there are a lot of inexperienced chefs…

5 Types of Cookware You Should Buy at Home and Their Advantages | Fatty Crab

Some people get tired of cooking when the kitchen equipment is lacking or not functioning to its maximum potential, as said in the ads. This situation is surely stressful, especially when you have an upcoming occasion. Not only that, but it’s also stressful after cooking…

Top 5 Reasons to Include Salmon into Your Weekly Meal Plan | Fatty Crab

Salmon is one of the most nourishing foods as it is loaded with nutrients. The nutrients also decrease risk factors for several diseases. It is no surprise that salmon is categorized as a superfood. The below-given list includes the top reasons to add this nutritious…

10 Baking Essentials You Should Have on Hand | Fatty Crab

Who doesn’t love fresh baked goods? While you could stop by the local bakery, nothing tastes quite as good as the ones you bake yourselves. A common concern amongst us baked goods lovers is that they “aren’t good bakers.” However, the only way to improve…

What Does Probiotics Do For Your Health? | Fatty Crab

Bacteria have a negative reputation because it’s known to make you sick. But those are the bad kind of bacteria. The good kind promotes good health and the proper functioning of the body. Together with specific types of yeast, they are called probiotics.

Probiotics naturally…

The Metamorphosis of Sneeze Guards from Food Guards to COVID-19 Guard | Fatty Crab

Previously, we were only used to those sneeze guards who were out there at the salad bars or restaurants to protect the food items inside from contamination. However, ongoing back to offices and reopening businesses, now sneeze, guards, and becomes our best tool for COVID-19…

3 Key Factors to Consider Before Investing In Kitchen Countertops | Fatty Crab

When it comes to having fresh and modern kitchen space, most homeowners can challenge the task. They need to strike a balance between functionality and style to get the ideal kitchen design they like. When it comes to investing in kitchen countertops, every homeowner should…

How to Upgrade Your Taco Night Menu | Fatty Crab

Are you looking for new and delicious taco night ideas? It makes sense, taco night is a beloved tradition for many people, one that usually happens every week.

Whether you are using the same taco night menu or switch up your recipes regularly, at times…

How To Make Taco Bell Red Sauce Recipe at Home | Fatty Crab

I admit it, there are certain items that I really enjoy eating at Taco Bell red sauce. I have ever since I was a kid. It was one of our weekly lunch stops in High School. Yes, I know it’s not authentic Mexican food,…

Can You Eat and Cook Tea Leaves? | Fatty Crab

Drinking tea is a favorite pastime of millions of people across hundreds of cultures. After all, tea is a pleasant-tasting hot beverage with lots of well-known health benefits. But what about eating tea leaves? Can you eat tea leaves, and, more importantly, are they good…

6 Reasons Why CoolSculpting Is The New Weight Loss Surgery | Fatty Crab

Losing weight requires patience and discipline, and unfortunately, only a few have a considerable amount of both. Perhaps that’s the reason why weight loss surgeries exist. You can think of them as the easy way out, and there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, many…

Top 6 Flavor Combinations of Turmeric Tea to Try | Fatty Crab

There is no doubt that tea is one of the most popular beverages in the world. In fact, various studies have shown that this flavorful drink offers plenty of health benefits. As a result, people enhance their daily routines by drinking a cup of hot…

A Beginner’s Guide to Grilling Fish | Fatty Crab

There are many ways to cook fish. Yet one method that many people look over in favor of poaching or frying is grilling fish. On top of the deliciousness of grilled fish, it is also considered to be one of the healthiest methods for cooking…

Top 5 Grills for Your Restaurant | Fatty Crab

The average American ate 222.2 pounds of beef and poultry in 2018. It’s a record number experts expect to climb.

Diet fads come and go, but one thing is true. The American love affair with hamburgers and steaks will never die.

Restauranteurs take note. If…

Take Your Cooking To The Next Level In These 4 Steps | Fatty Crab

Whether you hate or love cooking, once you put yourself behind the kitchen, you’ll want to make the most out of your cooking prowess. It means that when you cook for those whom you love, you’ll want to give it your best shot all the time. While you don’t have to be a master chef,…

The Art of the Pour: How to Serve Wine | Fatty Crab

Did you know that an average of 75 percent of adults drink wine in the United States of America? While drinking wine is the fun part, it is equally important to know how to serve wine in order to unlock the full potential of the flavor. There are key differences when it comes to how…