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Revelation of God's Character of Love.
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We have a new website dedicated to liberty of conscience issues. I have just posted the first article, a commentary on Corliss and Jones's arguments against an 1890 Sunday Law Bill. Hopefully with commentary breaking it up and explaining what is happening, it should be easier to read. I also took out some sections of the argument that I felt were redundant or irrelevant.

Just loved this clip I watched today. It made me think of Jesus and how He has wiped out our whole false view of the Father's character setting us free from our darkness. I hope you enjoy it.

Blessings everyone. Here is our most recent article on the subject of liberty of conscience:

Live stream in 1 hour - Title: Society and the State - Maranatha Media Youtube channel
Here is the song which we played at the end of the live stream for those who would like to listen again


Big thanks to Kirk Van Buren for putting the clip together and gaining permission for us to use it
For those who would like to join Sonette's reading group to go through the book Agape, please contact her. Reading starts June 1.
I know a number of you are doing book reading together. Here in Australia, we have a book reading time during the afternoons of our Passover Feast. It was really enjoyable to be able to read together and comment and discuss the points being raised. I know our family in Germany are reading books together also. If there are other reading groups who wish to form to read the books posted on the Maranatha Media and Father of Love Network, let us know and we can advertise it here in the Telegram Channel if you wish to advertise it.
Here is Sonette's Book Reading for Telegram
Forwarded from Sonette πŸ¦‹

Follow the link above to join the Agape book reading Telegram group.

Starting 1 June 2024.
For our Sabbath meetings tomorrow, I am hoping to be able to livestream to Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter at the same time.

Here is the link for Facebook

Here is the link for Youtube

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Shabbat shalom dear family of God.
This morning I have just read a very interesting statement about why many people reject God and His word.

β€œThe errors of popular theology have driven many a soul to skepticism who might otherwise have been a believer in the Scriptures. It is impossible for him to accept doctrines which outrage his sense of justice, mercy, and benevolence; and since these are represented as the teachings of the Bible, he refuses to receive it as the word of God.
And this is the object which Satan seeks to accomplish. There is nothing he desires more than to destroy confidence in God and His word.” GC 525, 526. Chapter 32. Snares of Satan

May each of you, as children of the Father of mercy, and God of all comfort, be blessed this Sabbath as you share the truth, righteousness and justice of His kingdom. As ambassadors of reconciliation, may you be filled with the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus.

Arise and shine, dear beloved. Arise and shine. Love to all.
Blessed new week dear family. Here is the latest installment in our immersion and education on liberty of conscience as part of the loud cry of the fourth angel. I am including my notes and encourage you to read them as you go through the sermon as this one is not on power point: https://youtu.be/RJ0CBHwnnGs?si=twIyCX5CEjIm3ubX