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Excellent thanks to the western parasites who are creating generations of enemies
Art is a real thing
Big butch soldiers who look like they are a bunch of drag queens throwing the codes around! Lucky for them all the world seems too dumb to be able to spot a real man!
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Remember when they told you ridiculous things about how to stop a virus and when you argued they told you to “trust the science” and when they turned out to be wrong and you turned out to be right they told you the science changed?

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Media is too big
Here’s ten minutes of every prominent Democrat denying Donald Trump won the presidential election in 2016. These same people now tell us questioning the result of a presidential election is a direct threat to our democracy.

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Media is too big
So you think your voice doesn’t matter?
FACT YOUR voice terrifies the filthy Freemason DeMolay censored or removed from social media come on Anzac front up, use your voice YOU dear reader are powerful.

Here Jacinda from NZ explains how she wants to silence you!
Using business, non for profits and legislation.

Come on Anzac it’s time to end this Freemason sh!t show.

“Hell-Low Governor”
I think it’s true that. I have always found that the trauma based mind control is so much the go to method when you just want to grow and sort out something there is never really anyone who is interested in doing friendly happy people stuff coz happy people don’t want to be living in boxes of darkness