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Issues detected, apologize for delays, doing an investigation.
Ah we've reached a decent amount of incoming emails for one user so a lot of requests were blocked by Telegram, but now the problem is solved, the queue is becoming more clear, everything should be ok in 10 minutes.
Maintenance coming in 30 minutes. Downtime may appear.
Service is up and running.
Telegram experiences API issues, so bot may not be responsible for a while.
Forwarded from TJ
В работе Telegram случился масштабный сбой. У пользователей возникли проблемы с отправкой и получением сообщений.

В основном проблемы испытывают жители Беларуси, России, Германии и Украины. Причины сбоя пока неизвестны.
Hi guys!

Today we would like to ask you to help us a little bit.

As some of you might already know, we are going to turn on monetization of the bot.
You, our audience, is literally spread worldwide. This is really exciting for us, but it also creates certain technical challenges 🙂

At the moment we need to confirm that our payment gateway works properly in all the counties our users are.
We would like to offer the opportunity to volunteer from different countries in our community (2-4 people from each) to make the first payments, for which they will receive some extras in the future.

This way we will be able to locate any issues there might be in our payment gateway, and the volunteers will be able to save some money 🙂
Full monetization will be launched in a month.

So here is our future tariffs.

Personal usage:

$1.99/month - 2 month extra for volunteers
$14.99/year - 4 month extra for volunteers

Unlimited group chats and channels:

$4.99/month - 2 month extra for volunteers
$49.99/year - 4 month extra for volunteers

Payments are available both by card and cryptocurrency

If you want to help us – please, fill this form and our manager will contact you soon
Добрый день! Из-за возросших нагрузок мы столкнулись с непредвиденными техническими проблемами, которые замедлили работу сервиса. Сейчас ситуация решена, стабильная работа сервиса восстановится в течение 24 часов.
Hello! Today ETLGR was challenged with unforeseen technical problems that slowed down the service. Now the situation is resolved, the stable work of the service will be restored within 24 hours.
Hello there,

We have been providing high-qualified email service for last 4 years, having consumers all over the world in count of more than 100,000.

Thank you for being with us!

We lean on your support as we want to continue providing the service.

We offer you:
1. Subscription which costs less than one cup of Starbucks coffee - $1.99/mo.
2. Free plan with ability to use web version of messages with ad.

It's a huge step for all of us as we plan to grow, connecting more domain names, extending our services set, connecting more messengers and unfortunately it's all impossible to do without additional resources.

Available payment methods: Credit/Debit Cards (VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, UnionPay, AmEx) and Bitcoin. Alongside with subscription you may use one-time payment to extend premium membership for group/channel even you are not belonging to, you just need to ask channel/group admin for a payment link.

May the force be with us, thank you all.
Please note: we don’t send any messages directly. Avoid spam messages with call to confirm your membership! All our links are started with or domains and all services are managed using @etlgr_bot only.
Внимание! Мы не делаем никакие рассылки и не призываем продлить никакие подписки, все сервисы управляются только из бота @etlgr_bot. Не нажимайте по ссылкам, не содержащие домены или
New Domain Name is available as alias for your existing addresses.
Now you may bring your own domain name (as alias or with restrictions to certain customers).

If you're interested in such service, please, provide information to (with subject BYOD):

- Domain Name
- Company Name / Personal Name
- Your Country
- Purpose of Request
Incoming email service - operational
Outgoing email service - down
We will update you once all issues are resolved
One more downtime for 10 minutes due to network settings update
All services are operational. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Thank you for being with us :3
Проблемы с доступностью были полностью исправлены.

Если у кого-то есть до сих пор затруднения, просьба сообщить. Мы сделали все возможное, чтобы все письма были доставлены и ничего не потерялось, но количество инфраструктурных изменений могло затронуть консистентность данных. С текущего момента данная проблема не будет повторяться.

Ошибки были вызваны:
- ограничениями со стороны одного из наших инфраструктурных провайдеров (Microsoft)
- с вынужденной перенастройкой оборудования в собственном дата-центре для подключения своей AS (BGP роутеров) с выделенным диапазоном IP адресов нашей /24 сети
- с модификацией топологии нашей инфраструктуры, которая теперь подразумевает шардирование данных

Отдельные извинения перед пользователями, для которых даунтаймы последних нескольких дней были максимально критичными, мы предоставляем извинения в виде бонусного времени подписки. За бонусом обращаться к @onlinevik

Всем удачной работы!
We're experiencing a communication issue with Telegram servers. Messages are not delivered immediately. We're investigating this incident.
10 minutes downtime, network maintenance
Service is up and running