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Keepsake produced less than half of what I expected this year, but they often had a very good and unique flavor. It was not as consistent as I would have liked, but it was a significant improvement over Sparkle and Mara des Bois. In fact, I could eat them…
I removed most of the Sparkle strawberries last year after they were done producing, even though they are commonly praised by others. The majority of them have been poor in quality for quite a few years now, so it felt like they were just wasting space.

There are only a few Mara des Bois left as well, but this is the result of their numbers dwindling every year from winter damage. They were planted in a raised bed (along with Albion), and it probably made their roots more vulnerable to the cold, but regardless of their potential, I think I am going to prefer Keepsake more anyways, since it was much easier to harvest them around their peak.

The Keepsake strawberries, as well as the others that were planted at ground level, were more tolerant of the cold, and it looks like it is going to produce a decent crop this time. I still don't think I will get an average of 1 pound per plant, but I suppose it doesn't help that the patch is more crowded than it should be.
Traditional European animals.
Painter: Ε tΔ›pΓ‘n Balo (midgarddweller).


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It's great that they make a nice plaque just to let you know who donated what tree to the park.
These "high-end" camera phones are a real pain in the ass.
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I originally thought the modified Google Camera port was the worst alternative, but once I stopped using the presets of others and made my own adjustments, I started to get good results. I still need to spend some time on it, though. Using my current settings to take pictures of the lake while the sun was out came up with something so unexpected that it completely threw me off.

While I think the image is pretty cool, it looks like a storm is rolling up behind me, which is far from accurate. I may have to work on multiple presets for different environments to solve this problem, because I can't rely on the stock camera from the Samsung or Pixel phones I have tried. They have a habit of taking horrible photos of nature. I should, however, mention that GCam cannot be found at the play store. I believe those are fake and may even contain ads.

If this does not work out for me, the final option would be to use the RAW format, if I generally want my photos to look fairly similar to what I was seeing at the time. Editing them in the Lightroom mobile app is pretty easy, but it's difficult to tell exactly what I am doing on such a small screen. I will either have to connect my phone to a monitor or become more comfortable using an open source alternative for desktop, such as darktable.
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This was taken 90 minutes before the last photo I posted here, and the conditions were basically the same. The other is much closer to reality in comparison to this one, although pairing the two makes it look too vibrant.

When I compare the other to the type of photos that generally come out of the camera that was used to take it, it looks realistic enough to use, because the colors tend to be more aggressive. I feel like my eyes keep playing tricks on me.
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Tonights strawberry haul! 3lbπŸ˜‹
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Our sunflowers have started blooming.

I usually post about kiwiberries here since they can be grown much further to the north, but there are interesting things going on with the large-fruiting type. Some of the newest varieties awaken from dormancy very late and ripen much earlier than the others, and both of these traits are essentially required for most of those who wish to grow kiwi in North America.

The article mentions Tango and Hombre, but AU Golden Sunshine and Golden Tiger are the other two that I am currently aware of. They are still very rare and quite experimental though, so it's difficult to say how well they would likely perform further inland where the climate is more unstable.
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