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A study conducted by Zendesk shows that 42% of B2C customers purchase more after a good customer service experience, while bad customer service interactions result in 52% of customers not buying.
Your customers no longer compare you to your competitor.
They compare you to the best service they ever had…
from anyone.
Now, customers can message businesses like they would message their friends on social media. Customers
expect quality and efficient support experiences and failing to meet these expectations can mean substantial losses to the business.
We are currently looking for #sales oriented #German native advisers in order to strengthen our colorful and motivated LEAD GENERATION team to get B2B leads for a leading betting company in Europe.
18.000,00 € bis 27.000,00 € /Jahr #jobs #HiringNow #hiring #barcelona
Post call work ideally should be kept to a minimum to ensure agent's time is dedicated to handling customers.

It is strongly related to efficiency.

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