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TURBO News is a Telegram channel where we will share the latest news related to the EOSIO software. These news will not be summaries but direct links, and therefore news will be shared much faster.

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Forwarded from EOS柚粉志愿者
Wave two of the recognition grant recipients are being awarded to EOS DeFi ecosystem. Each of these projects will receive a $100k grant for a total of $1.1m in grant funding.

Congratulations to NewDex, DAPP Network, Organix, PIZZA, eCurve/DAD, Defis Network, SOV, Equilibrium, pNetwork, DefiBox, and Vigor!!!! 🥳

Stay tuned for the next EOS Network Foundation blog update on Monday for an overview of the EOS DeFi ecosystem and the ENF's plans for supporting its innovation and growth. This is only the beginning....

第二波获奖者将被授予 EOS DeFi 生态系统。每个项目将获得 10 万美元的赠款,总额为 110 万美元。
祝贺 New Dex , DA PP 网络, Organ ix , PIZZA , e Curve / DAD ,德菲斯网络, SOV ,平衡, pNetwork ,德飞盒子,和活力!🥳
敬请关注 EOS 网络基金会下周一的博客更新,了解 EOS DeFi 生态系统的概述以及 ENF 支持其创新和增长的计划。这只是个开始。
Forwarded from Zack Gall | EOS Network Foundation
EOS is about to demonstrate its truly sustainable and decentralized model for building public goods for the open web.

Through direct investments, sponsored working groups, Eden(s), and Pomelo, the ENF is strategically taking a multi-pronged approach to allow us to all work together as a unified EOS community to create positive sum games that will lead to EOS maturing into the best-in-class blockchain ecosystem that we’ve always expected it to become.

EOS is rapidly becoming an ecosystem full of limitless opportunities and this comeback story is building up to become one for the ages!

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Mythical Games, an NFT game platform, has raised $150 million in a Series C round led by Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) at a $1.25 billion valuation.

Other participants in the Series C round included Binance, FTX, D1 Capital, RedBird Capital and The Raine Group.

Galaxy Interactive was among the returning investors.

A number of entertainment brands and personalities also joined the funding, including the investment vehicles of the National Football League, the band The Chainsmokers and OneRepublic frontman Ryan Tedder.

Forwarded from Zack Gall | EOS Network Foundation
The #ENF is working towards achieving the right balance to freely carry out its mandate with less friction and a greater degree of efficiency as it meets the #EOS ecosystem investment demands of today, while growing to meet those of tomorrow.

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