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Step One:

➜ Download Jumia One App From The Link Below 👇

Step Two:

➜ Register Simply By Inputting Your Number/Email Address Into The Space Required For Registration On The Application After Downloading & Wait For A Confirmation OTP Message.

Final Step:

➜ After Registering, Activate Your Account With A Minimum Of #100 By Buying Recharge Card Through The Application, Then Refer Friends With Your Referral Link In The Second Page. For Every Friend That Uses Your Referral Link & Activates Their Account With A Minimum Of #100 Naira, You Get #1000 Naira In Your Wallet.

Enjoy While It Lasts :)


How to get MTN 3GB FOR N1000 (monthly plan)

MTN partners Opera to give some whooping data plans like the following

N25 for 20mb (daily plan)
N50 for 50mb (weekly plan)
N100 for 300mb (monthly plan)

So to get 3gb for N1000 all you have to do is load minimum of N1000 recharge card
Dial *131*3# and start accumulating the N100 for 300mb up to 10times then that gives you N1000 for 3gb

You can also accumulate N500 for 1.5gb or N200 for 600mb

Note : The megabyte is only for browsing and if you use it for downloading then your normal data will be deducted.

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🛑How To See Passwords for Wi-Fi Networks You've Connected Your Android Device To🛑

The trouble comes when you want to actually see the password for one of the networks you connected to. Perhaps you want to connect a second device to a saved Wi-Fi access point, or maybe you're with a friend who wants to log in to the same hotspot. But without a way to access the actual passwords that your device has stored, you're out of luck.

✌️ Thankfully, there are ways around this. If you're on Android 10 or higher, you can see Wi-Fi passwords right from your phone's settings. However, if you're on Android 9.0 Pie or lower, note that you will need to be rooted.

🌀 Method : Android 10 & Up

This first method doesn't require root or even an extra app. But it does require that your phone is running Android 10 or higher. If your phone has been updated to this version, I'll outline a quick and easy way to see saved Wi-Fi passwords below.

⭕️ Step 1: Locate Wi-Fi Settings

👉 Currently, there is only one flavor of Android 10, and that's the "Stock Android" version directly from Google. However, in the near future, manufacturers like Samsung will put their own spin on Android 10 by applying an OEM skin such as One UI, which means the settings menus could be a little different on your phone.

👉 So first, search your phone's Settings menu for the "Wi-Fi" submenu. On Stock Android, that's located in Settings –> Network & internet. Once you've found the Wi-Fi settings menu, go ahead and select it.

⭕️ Step 2: View Wi-Fi Passwords

👉 One inside the Wi-Fi settings page, scroll past the list of available networks and select the "Saved networks" option. From there, you'll see a list of all the Wi-Fi networks your phone remembers. Select one.

👉 Now, choose the "Share" option towards the top of the screen. You'll be asked to scan your fingerprint or face or enter your PIN or password. Upon doing so, you'll see a QR code with that represents the network's SSID and password. You could scan this with another device using a QR scanner if you wanted, but the password is also listed in plain text beneath the QR code, so you can copy it from there

🤟 Thats it you are done with it. I hope you Guys like this tutorial


Thinking of dropping a tutorials on how to use MTN Free Opera 50mb and Opera data plan to browse and download 🌟 EMMYTECHS 🌟
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New Earning Platform Launched

This platform goes by the name MybackupCash

This platform gives N500 for just joining and also gives another N500 for each referral you make.

The N500 giving after joining is a locked earning which means you need to deposit like N500 to unlock it.

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