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315 days. Almost a whole year. A year our theatre has been deprived of an audience.

When we first reopened in July 2020, Joe Hasham OAM (Co-Founder & Artistic Director) said “Without you, our audience…we are nothing” as he thanked each one of them.

Since the pandemic started, we have struggled to raise enough funds each month. And when we did, Ian Chow (General Manager) would exclaim “We’ve built the bridge (for this month)!” Because oftentimes the only answer we could provide was – we will cross that bridge when we get to it.

15 months of this. After clearing out our cheques this month, we will be left with RM5,000 or so in our bank account.

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The scent flew off the page

It was you

It had to be

And I grinned

Like a child with a lolly

Tickled pink and eager

But then… poof!

You were gone

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Lama dulu, di jalan itulah Sara temui sesuatu yang lebih besar dari kehidupan.

Ironinya, keberadaannya di situ adalah untuk menamatkan riwayat hidupnya tapi sebaliknya, apa yang terjadi, muncul pula seorang lelaki memapah tubuh tiga puluh satu tahunnya yang tersandar pada dinding, berbau alkohol dan air kencing, ke sebuah gerai makan kecil di hujung blok dan mengorek keluar pil-pil yang baru dikemamnya beberapa minit yang lepas tapi belum ada pun yang berupaya hancur..

Sara bangun terpinga-pinga, terkejut tentunya, dan menolak lelaki itu. Lelaki itu cuba menghampirinya kembali, tapi dia tak benarkan.

Jangan datang dekat, perempuan itu mengancamnya. Jangan! Saya jerit awak nak rogol saya, kalau awak cuba.

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“Sebenarnya Amirkhan membela ular tedung selar untuk mendapatkan batu permatanya, tuan,” Inspektor Amirullah Ali tertawa mendengar penjelasan Theeban tadi.

“Kalau macam itu, bolehlah saya letak jawatan ini kemudian membuka ladang ternakan ular nanti,” balasnya sambil ketawa terbahak-bahak.

“Bukan semua ular mempunyai batu permata itu, tuan. Ular itu lain jenisnya,” kata Theeban lagi. Kali ini, dia benar-benar rasa berang apabila sarjan dan koperal yang berdiri di sebelah Inspektor Amirullah turut tergelak setelah mendengar penjelasannya.

Theeban sudah lama meluangkan masa bersama pegawai-pegawai polis sejak dia datang ke Kuala Lumpur. Dia tahu akan cara bagaimana mereka menjalankan penyiasatan. Dia pernah melihat dengan matanya sendiri apabila pihak polis mula berkeras ketika menjalankan penyiasatan.

👉🏽Sambung baca di sini: https://eksentrika.com/cerpen-bisa-m-navin/👈🏽
In his recent email to me, Daniel Will-Harris wrote, “Swimming is like writing. It is quite easy, as long as you don’t fight”.

His advice for writers, “Quiet your inner critic”.

Why do we struggle with our inner critic?

Read here to find out 👉🏽 https://eksentrika.com/daniel-will-harris/
Esty Richard was once the lead singer to a Malaysian pop-rock band, Once Upon A Time There Was A Sausage Named Bob.

The band had a cult following and was well known between 2009 to 2015.

At the same time, Esty also saw one of her singles Cupid’s Fall featured Grim Film’s Long Distance Relationship. The film gained a whopping 3.1 million of views on YouTube.

However, Esty decided to take a sabbatical from music for six years to focus on her career. She’s now back and we recently spoke to her to find out how different the local scene is more than half a decade later.

Esty, who also writes lyrics on the side on Fiverr shares some valuable thoughts for budding singer-songwriters to write better lyrics and get noticed.

Read more here 👉🏽 https://eksentrika.com/esty-richard/
Do you ever have any doubts?

To what life is all about,

For oftentimes it may look bleak,

The rain, the cloud, and the storm that marches on,

Yet a small gale may blow you off your peak,

As you storm the heavy front,

Will it still be cold?

Or will there be warmth as they’ve foretold?

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This is the story of a normal man, who, like many other men and women during this period, was sitting in front of his computer in his room with a backache that was growing more severe by the minute.

The long hours he spent in his chair had breathed insidious life into his back and waist, both of which took up the detestable habit of singing choruses of protest towards the time he spent fermented in his rented room, glued to the computer screen that constituted the flat bulk of his world in the past 20-something months due to the (still ongoing) national lockdown imposed to curb the virus.

One look at him and you would immediately notice that his eyes were glazed over as he browsed incessantly, unseeing; his cursor controlled by the innocuous vortex of pictures and headlines and autoplay and memes. Maybe he was lonely.

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An empty home

They laugh and smile

Never crying, never sad

Plastic expressions eternally frozen

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Malaysia’s graphic design scene is small but growing to be quite a contender on the world stage.

In the spirit of supporting local, wouldn’t it be nice if we could use fonts that are Malaysian made in our products, advertising, and documents, or at least appreciate them?

If you were ever so inclined, look no further, here are 5 typefaces designed by Malaysians!

Discover them here 👉🏽 https://eksentrika.com/popular-malaysian-fonts/
Sejak iklannya diuar-uarkan di Facebook saya sangat teruja. Saya telah menandakan ‘menghadiri’ pada RSVP acara program yang dianjurkan seorang seniman muda yang meningkat naik namanya kini.

Saya memang minat giler dengan dia. Mulanya saya terjumpa filem pendek bikinannya di YouTube dan sejak itu saya mula berminat dengan hasil kerjanya. Apabila dia mula membikin novel saya segera beli melalui pos. Walaupun saya punya keinginan untuk ke majlis pelancaran novelnya, bertentang mata dengannya, meminta autografnya dan mengatakan ‘filem pendek Cik Wan sangat brilliant’ tetapi hasrat itu terpaksa saya lupakan.

Maklumlah saya duduk di kampung sangat jauh dengan Kolumpo tu.

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18-year-old Karazey might be relatively a new face in the Malaysian music scene, but he’s been extremely busy tinkering in his bedroom studio, producing some truly refreshing sounds of late through his collaborations with fellow artistes.

Most recently, the young self-taught musician collaborated with Esty Richard to compose an EDM track, Through My Mind, in just a matter of five hours. What’s most astounding is that the entire collaboration took place via Zoom.

We decided to get in touch with Karazey to find out what are some tips he can share with budding musicians, specifically those who’re self-taught, to improve their music in a short amount of time.

Read more here 👉🏽 https://eksentrika.com/karazey/
Penguin Random House SEA is proud to present a rare work of fiction by Malaysia-born and Singapore-based author, Daryl Kho.

Titled Mist-bound: How to Glue Back Grandpa, Daryl’s debut novel for young readers tells a story of a family threatened to be torn apart by a grandparent’s shattered memories (an allegory for dementia). The only cure lies in a concoction called Memory Glue, many of its various enchanted ingredients only found in a parallel world called Mist. But ultimately the heroine defies the odds and succeeds in her quest thanks to the bonds of love and family.

The book’s underlying message is that these bonds are ultimately the most critical ingredients of Memory Glue.

Read more here 👉🏽 https://eksentrika.com/daryl-kho-mist-bound/
Mother’s love had no bounds, which was pretty much how Richard Mogumbirak came to be the size that he was today.

His vital statistics read as follows:

– Height: 1.75 metres;
– Weight: 138 kilos;
– Waist size: 46 inches;

resulting in a BMI of over 40, a belly that jiggled and spilled over the entire circumference of his belt, and flabby thighs as big as a batang pokok pisang.

And Richard had a non-existent chin. Or neck. It was hard to tell. It wasn’t so much of a paunch – if it was possible for a neck to have a paunch; it was more of a case of the chin bypassing the neck to connect directly to the upper chest, thereby eliminating the existence of a neck altogether.

But Mother’s love had no bounds and that was why he was called Handsome Boy at home. This was truncated to Ham Boy by the school bullies when he entered primary school and like most childhood nicknames, it stuck.

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Formed at the end of 2018, Buddha Beat is what every Malaysian band should be: multi-ethnic — made up of a Chinese, Cole Yew, and an Indian, Krishna Armum — and powerfully localized.

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I was in a room like any other.
Yet something was different
about this one;
Doors became arms that beckon,
Tags became names that knit onto my heart,
Chairs mould into hugs,
Floors open into portals-

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Your outstretched hand

Invites me from behind a glossy coat

I wish I could grasp it

And never let go

You’d pull me into

A haze of sweet nothings

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Oh sayangku rupawan,
aku berdoa tukmu tiap hari,
demi saat terindah hidupmu,
seluruh dunia bertepuk tangan,
bahkan bunga mekar berkembang,
langit akhirnya berpelangi girang,
mi amor, akulah paling gembira.

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📚 FORGOTTEN by Bissme S

The first time we met, she asked me to read her fortune.

“He tells me that your prediction is never wrong,” she said.

I have one policy where reading fortune is concerned. I never read the fortune of the people who are close to me.

“I could not handle it if I read something bad in his fate,” I said.

“Don’t you want to know if our love story will have a happy ending?” she asked.

Successfully, she had baited me. I took out my tarot cards and read her future. I learned the hard way there are some temptations you should resist at all costs.

What happens next? 😰 Continue reading here. 👇🏽

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