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The English International School in Moscow. British style school for children aged 3 to 18.
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“This has been one of our most successful Duke of Edinburgh Awards to date. Everyone has worked hard, pulled together and created a wonderful atmosphere for not only the students, but the staff as well. I couldn't be prouder of the groups we had this year and I was constantly impressed by the determination and hard work of the students. Our Adventurous Journey has been my favourite so far and it was an incredible experience for everyone. I am honoured to become part of the ‘Tick Club’ although I still maintain our poses looked more like a crab. Throughout the 24 hours, 52 km, epic UNO battles, dance competitions and a few burnt marshmallows - it has been an incredible journey for all of us and our most successful. Thank you to all who made this possible.” By Mr Chris Marsh – Co-Award Leader and Head of Primary
“The cooking of the food was great and eating outside was very enjoyable. This is the first time I ever had roasted marshmallows! The teamwork was excellent and Emils was a great navigator with his map reading. His timing was also very impressive. I enjoyed the second day more, mainly because of the faster pace and less map work. This was my first DofE trip and I would like to do it again!”
Ms Anna Kolpachkova – Supervisor and PE teacher
“After walking for 23km we didn't feel tired at all. It was a lot of fun cooking ourselves, toasting marshmallows, playing card games, sleeping in tents and waking up in the morning to the singing of birds and not only birds.😁
The students showed excellent teamwork and took care of each other. It was a pleasure to spend time with them. I am very happy to be a part of DofE 2023 and of course ready to do it again!”
Ms Nura Abdumamatova – Supervisor and Year 5 teaching assistant
Happy Children's Day! Today at EIS Moscow we had excellent lessons, led by our students, about spiders, flags, dancing, art, science and division! We were very impressed with their organisation with students writing full lessons plans, making posters, printing tests and pictures in advance of the lessons. It was wonderful to see the children deal with behaviour management issues as the teachers acting as students were sometimes unruly!