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The English International School in Moscow. British style school for children aged 3 to 18.
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Children need to develop their finger muscles and have proper finger control before they can learn to write at school. During the preschool years, they develop these muscles through a variety of play activities. Playdough is one of the best for this. Children mould, flatten, squish, pinch, break and roll the substance. Join EIS Playdough club next year!
EIS Book Club has grown quite much and the complexity of the books has grown too. This term, we read "A Bear Paddington", a popular children's classic by the author Michael Bond. It is about a bear who had traveled from the darkest Peru as a stowaway and ended up in Paddington Station in London (hence the bear's name), where he was found and adopted by the Brown's family. Since then, their lives have never been quite the same... for ordinary things, became quite extraordinary when a bear named Paddington is involved!
During the year, the FLC Club (Forgniers languages club) started timidly, but gradually the number of members increased because the students found it very interesting to improve their French first and at the same time, they learned new languages such as Spain and Arabic. It was an extraordinary experience that everything hopes will see it again next year. At the same time, we keep running the Pétanque club during the whole year even the students got a tournament for year 2024.
Within a couple of weeks in May and June, students of the chess club struggled for first place in the tournaments organised by the chess teacher Irina. Students went to great lengths to show the best performance. Priyanti, Hojin and Jane finished the event with the best result, after a fierce battle in their previous tours.
Singing Club has been a great success this term. Why sing? Well, there’s the beauty of the music itself, the powerful sense of togetherness when everyone harmonizes, and the satisfaction of spending your time in such a fun and meaningful way. All of that comes together to boost our happiness. The children learnt to cooperate and support each other, which has strengthened our social bonds. We have incorporated some 'Just Dance', with ‘Waka Waka’ being the firm favourite. The singing club has reduced in size this term due to the nice weather. However, we still give it all we've got! ⭐️⭐️⭐️
EIS student council has had an important role in the school this year. They had a range of initiatives both school wide but external as well. They organised a toy drive, clothing collection and other important acts for charity. These items were then donated to a worthy group and cause.
While in the school other activities included a handwriting contest, story writing and many more.
Each student on the council played an important and vital role on the council and all represented their classes well.