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I'm very sorry... forget about the Apocrypha books, like 2 Esdras that it might be a truthful book, for, unfortunately, it's not. It's one of the 13 (!) books they wanted to add to the Bible. Satan is cunning!:

1 Petrus 5:8 Wees nuchter, wees waakzaam; omdat uw tegenstander, de duivel, als een brullende leeuw rondgaat, zoekende wie hij zal verslinden.....
‘Is almost everyone having prophetic dreams right now?’

Please be also beware of the following, dear people. It’s not easy to convince people who (still) promote false teachers/prophets (Freemasons, Luciferians, or Cons) in their YouTube channel, or even have a pastor that is Freemason. But when I feel that the Lord urges me, I will do so. Do I like it? No, I find it terrible and keep on praying for Freemasons, etc. as well. They too visit Eindtijdnieuws.com and social media, and keep an eye on it.

By the way, I’d rather don’t chat and mostly don’t read chats: you can simply email me via Contact (website). OK, I think the truth may shock you:
Hi …,
Yes, but also be aware of this:
Not every 'christian' has really dreams that are coming from the Lord. Know that the enemy can give dreams as well.
So does a rich fantasy! in order to go even further in that what they really saw (in their dream or vision). I'm not kidding; these things happen.
You can discern them by their fruits: that is: by testing/examining things, their social media, how they act, whether they answer emails, their conversation in the world, if you feel the Holy Spirit with them, etc., etc.. :)
Also, do you hear something about their personal relationship with the Lord: what they learned from that? Do they grow in their faith? Or are they still ‘overgrown babies’ (in faith) after many years?
These things are all fruits of the spirit: The Holy Spirit and/or another spirit.
Think of guiding spirits too, for example, that fool many christians today as well.
Two different spirits can even exist/live in one body at the same time, just like Derek Prince learned in his life through years of experience in deliverance! See the article/video I sent you from him, it was one of his top 10 sermons they say. So probably important. 😊
Christianity is big, big business today.
Indeed, I think the Rapture can happen any day now.
I feel I can trust this old lady: https://eindtijdnieuws.com/visioen-over-de-eindtijd-van-een-90-jarige-vrouw/
Translation button right on top available! WW3 can happen any moment now. The long period of peace is now over/passed.
Millions of christians have been deceived today! This was already the case in Derek's time.
On 13-5-2022 21:06, …. wrote:

People that say, they never dream.
ARE NOW having Rapture dreams or prophetic dreams.
It seems as if EVERYONE is having prophetic dreams RIGHT NOW.

I have about 20 or so core people who email me or call me almost every single day.
And now these people are having prophetic dreams.


The Rapture comes.
Acts 2:17 In the last days saith God I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh.

Now there will be those who accept it and those who reject it.

I pray for God to use me in these last days for His glory.
I pray to be pleasing to God.

God Bless you and yours MIGHTILY
I will keep you and your family in our prayers

#dreams #Christian #christians #visions #endtimes #truth #deception #Holy Spirit #spirits #JesusChrist #Rapture #WW3
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hambone17419 2 days ago Something has been coming for 2,000 years. By the time it comes me and you will be long gone. Enjoy your short time on this planet.

Reply Eindtijdnieuws
says a Mason.

Reply hambone17419
Are u immortal? Or a god?

Reply Eindtijdnieuws
I'm a child of God, the God who made heaven and earth.

Reply hambone17419
Welp, given that your not immortal your gonna have to keep waiting. This perpetual lie has wasted so many lives of people for gods golden hands to jut out of the sky and fix humanities issues. If he was able/cared to he’d have intervened many years ago. We are either his experiment, he forgot us or most likely god doesn’t exist in the way we imagined it. Clearly something created this universe but to say we know it was some white sky daddy that looks like us is quite Arrogant.

But hey, keep believing. It’s your choice. I won’t stop u. Lol

Reply Eindtijdnieuws
Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts, and saying, Where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation. For this they willingly are ignorant of, that by the word of God the heavens were of old, and the earth standing out of the water and in the water:.... read in context.

2 Peter 3: 3-5
Please read the Bible in context: complete chapter or letter of 1 John :) Otherwise, you might not get it.

1 John 2, verse 20 But ye have an anointing from the Holy One, and ye know all things.