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Finally got sleeping pills. Gonna probably sleep like 18hrs
Touch to translate and YouTube overlay seem to be broken in Android 10
- press run
- print money
i wanna press send so bad
granular commits
- press run - print money
fixed rounding error 😅
The gestures are super useful, but I always forget macos has force touch on trackpad
ok webgl es is seems like a half backed solution. It's like 3 languages in one
International politics seems rly divided rn. Like I don't think I've ever been able to look at a map and be able to draw sides based on common alliances before outside of history class
granular commits
This guy legit just selling live USB sticks rofl
QuickTime and iMovie both suck
"Can you imagine if one day Microsoft acquired WeWork and named it Microsoft Office?"
which of these functions do you think would be faster?
We started this project because twitter decided to change one of it's endpoints to where we could no longer use it for all our purposes so they're essentially forcing us to use their other endpoints so now we're building it out and realizing that twitter's api is even worse than we thought despite our expectations already being quite low