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New airdrops on DropsEarn.com

✔️ Fulbo Galaxy Demo Launch Giveaway – 10 prizes of $340
✔️ Iskra 1st Community Airdrop – prize pool $5,000 in ISK &1,500 USDT
✔️ tagSpace Massive USDT Airdrop – prize pool 3,000 USDT

💧 dropsearn.com/airdrops
New event on DropsEarn.com

Assure has announced the Ambassador Recruitment Season 2. The team is eager to have more talents join ambassadors. In this season you can share the bonus pool with a maximum of 3,000 USDT according to your efforts and ranking.

💧 dropsearn.com/events/assure-ambassador-2
Fulbo Galaxy has announced the Ambassador Program.

The project is now actively seeking motivated and talented individuals to join its journey. If you are an active gamer, trader, or content writer you can now apply to become a Fulbo Galaxy Ambassador.

Two main Ambassador positions are open:
Social Media Writer - from $400 monthly
Moderators - from $200 monthly.

The more enthusiastic you are about Fulbo Galaxy as an Ambassador, the more recognition and rewards you will receive.

💧 dropsearn.com/events/fulbo-galaxy-ambassador-program
💧Our new daily update: new airdrops have been added!

💰Check it out, and learn how to earn crypto with Dropsearn.com

➡️ https://dropsearn.com/airdrops
New event on DropsEarn.com

With the successful Public launch of the UTU Protocol Testnet, the team is now ready to start rolling out the next phase in its Protocol’s journey — UTU Testnet Incentive Program. Join the testnet, earn UTU tokens and more.

💧 dropsearn.com/events/utu-protocol-testnet
💧 New event on DropsEarn.com

BCMHunt has announced the Ambassador program where you can earn money from everyday activities that help build the community. Join in to earn BCMC and BUSD by sharing your gaming experience and helping the community grow.

➡️ dropsearn.com/events/bcmhunt-social-ambassador-program
💧Our new daily update: new NFT collections have been added!

💰Check it out, and learn how to earn crypto with Dropsearn.com

➡️ https://dropsearn.com/nft
💧 New event on DropsEarn.com

Slavi NFT Marketplace Testnet V1 is officially launched. Built on Polygon, Ethereum and BSC.

The initial purpose of a Testnet is to act as a testing and tuning platform that would give both users and developers the opportunity to try out all the functions and features of a new product risk-free.

For participants this is a chance to earn SLV tokens and NFT Mystery Boxes.

➡️ dropsearn.com/events/slavi-nft-marketplace-testnet-v1
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KuCoin Wallet is calling ambassadors aiming to build a global community. Join the program and get a chance to earn token and cash rewards.

➡️ dropsearn.com/events/kucoin-wallet-ambassador-program
💧 New event on DropsEarn.com

MetaGods has started the search for MetaGod Ambassadors who will take their rightful place on the team and help build the next biggest play-to-earn game in crypto.
Join the ranks of the Gods on Mount Olympus and unlock rewards up to $30,000 per year plus performance bonuses in MGOD tokens.

➡️ dropsearn.com/events/metagods-ambassador-program
💧 New event on DropsEarn.com

Arbitrum Odyssey is a large-scale NFT drop event that will start on June 21st, 2022 1:00 PM EST and last for 8 weeks.

During this period, users will be able to utilize different on-chain projects taking part in this event. At the end of this journey, users will be rewarded with unique NFTs that can be used for further airdrop distributions.

Each of the 8 weeks is dedicated to certain projects taking part in this initiative; bridges, exchanges, and on-ramps. Users will complete different tasks on-chain to get rewards. For instance, they will have to make a swap on a certain platform, provide liquidity on another, and so on.

➡️ dropsearn.com/events/arbitrum-the-odyssey-program
💧 New event on DropsEarn.com

Wayru has launched the Ambassador Program for all the crypto influencers and community creators who want to promote the project in their community.

The program aims to drive the adoption of the project, promote awareness, educate the wider community and more.

An Ambassadorship grants the following privileges: get rewarded for your contribution, direct communication with the team, exclusive invitations to closed events, software previews and calls with the teams ahead of general public releases.

➡️ dropsearn.com/events/wayru-ambassador-program
💧 New event on DropsEarn.com

HOPR has launched its first bounty contest.
For this contest, the project is asking you to build a dApp. There are two streams:

- The freestyle bounty, where you can build any dApp you like
- The guided bounty, where you are asked to showcase HOPR’s privacy utility by building a file sharing dApp

➡️ dropsearn.com/events/hopr-bounty-contest
💧 New event on DropsEarn.com

Quai Network is announcing the Iron Age Testnet.

12 million Quai tokens have been allocated to incentivize Iron Age Testnet participation.
8 million tokens will be distributed to miners, and 4 million tokens will be distributed to DApp developers.

The Iron Age Testnet will be incentivized for 1 month, until 10am CST August 8th, 2022. Even after incentivization ends, the network will remain operational until the beginning of the Golden Age Testnet, estimated to be in Q3 2022.

➡️ dropsearn.com/events/quai-network-iron-age-testnet
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Vision Network has announced the Vision Community Ambassador Program.

Ambassadors will play an important role in adding value to the project by bringing it more people and will have the opportunity to be a leader by being innovative in helping to build and engage your community, and proactively provide feedback, provide input, and make suggestions on how to grow the community, and have priority access to the latest Vision news.

Compensation in VS Tokens: ambassadors will receive Vision native token based on their performance. Rewards will be distributed monthly based on monthly contributions.

➡️ dropsearn.com/events/vision-community-ambassador-program
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Syscoin has announced its Ambassador Program.
The goal of this program is to expand project’s presence across the world in a more intimate and dynamic way.

Ambassadors can earn rewards for their contribution up to $850 in SYS tokens per month.

➡️ dropsearn.com/events/syscoin-ambassador-program
💧Our new daily update: new airdrops have been added!

💰Check it out, and learn how to earn crypto with Dropsearn.com

➡️ https://dropsearn.com/airdrops
💧 New events on DropsEarn.com

✔️Blockchain Monster Hunt Pioneer Program
✔️VAIOT Testnet Incentive Program
✔️Aptos Incentivized Testnet 2 (update)

➡️ dropsearn.com
💧 New event on DropsEarn.com

OpenLeverage has allocated 50,000 OLE for the Ambassador Program bonus pool each quarter. The project needs community governance ambassadors, content creator ambassadors and event outreach ambassadors. Funds will be disbursed on a monthly basis.

➡️ dropsearn.com/events/openleverage-ambassador-program