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Forwarded from Liz Harrington
"We didn't lose, we won by a lot"

What the audit has found so far:

74K mail-in ballots with no clear record of being sent

4K who voted past the registration deadline

18K who voted and were purged from the rolls after the election

168K printed on unofficial nonsecure paper

Forwarded from Midnight Rider Channel (Karli Bonne)
Media is too big
Holy shit they caught us
Forwarded from Praying Medic (Dave Hayes)
"Green new bullshit."
Forwarded from Liz Harrington
"The Radical Left Democrat Communist Party rigged and stole the 2020 election. The time to act is not in 2022, or in 2024, the time is right now here in Arizona. We don't have the luxury to sit back and wait for the next election" 💯💯💯

Forwarded from The Election Wizard
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BRUTAL: AZ State Senator Michelle Ugenti (R) gets booed off the stage at TPUSA’s election integrity rally. 😳

Ugenti is one of two ‘Republican’ state senators who killed an election integrity bill earlier this month.
Forwarded from Liz Harrington
President Trump: They all say sit back and wait, you'll win in 2024.

"I say, wait a minute, I just won 6 months ago"


Forwarded from Midnight Rider Channel (Karli Bonne)
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Most popular President your ass!
Forwarded from KanekoaTheGreat
Trump Arizona Rally vs Biden CNN Townhall

Biden can barely fill an auditorium and even his CNN ratings bombed.

Why do you think Democrats and RINOs are fighting so hard against election audits❓

Forwarded from Seth Keshel
God Bless America

Shane with the update.

SC on deck.
Forwarded from Brian Cates
Imagine what happens if at this point, with 1 audit nearing completion, and several more about to start, Lindell can conclusively prove via this Symposium all these county officials are either wrong or lying about their election machines not being connected to the internet? If Lindell irrefutably proves not only were all these machines connected, but also that in many of these counties the machines were remotely accessed and the vote totals tampered with from places like China and Iran? It would break the dam. How could they deny there needed to be full forensic audits in many of these states after that?
If Lindell makes his case to the audience of governors, Senators, House Reps, delegations from about 2 dozen many of these red counties do we end up getting forensic audits in over the next 3-4 months?
I'm talking about the people who will be attending the Symposium in person.
I've been told in the invitation I got about some of the people who will be attending in person.