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Forwarded from Just Human ️️️
"Release the documents now!" - DJT
Forwarded from Qtah
45 is my hero 🇺🇸
Forwarded from Jack Posobiec
Forwarded from Jack Posobiec
16 years ago I was an intern on the Curt Weldon campaign in PA, a 20-year incumbent

Curt was an outspoken critic of the FBI

Then the FBI raided our offices 2 weeks before the election

Curt was never charged with anything

But lost the election

That's when I was red-pilled
Forwarded from Jack Posobiec
So that Newsweek piece saying this raid was all the FBI acting alone was total bullshift
Propagandists write propaganda disguised as news to accomplish several aims

1) cover up the Truth

2) bait and enrage you into distraction or foolish behavior

3) brainwash the weak and gullible

They don’t want you to THINK about what you are reading or hearing.

Their goal is bypass the reason and put the narrative straight to your emotions.

Decades they’ve been trying to use their propaganda to manipulate you.

Yet every fresh news cycle I see the same people falling for this exact same stupid pet trick over and over again.

Some people don’t have the psychological makeup that would allow them to avoid emotionally reacting to the latest hot-off-the-presses propaganda.

They will always be at the mercy of the manipulators.

Let the dead bury the dead.

You follow the Truth.
Forwarded from Dschlopes
Forwarded from Lara Logan
It’s worth taking a moment to remember what our world looked like before Donald Trump was elected. One side was so certain of victory, they did not have a concession speech written. Hmmm. We thought the FBI & DOJ were run by noble Americans who would uphold the law no matter what & put personal prejudice aside in serving the nation, we believed there were really two political parties & that neither side would ever cheat an entire election. We believed politics were dirty but c’mon! Even they had limits & no one would go after parents for wanting to know what their children learn at school. Drag Queens were cool/entertaining but no one in their right mind would put a drag queen in a library reading to young children. And we believed women had the right to compete against other women in professional sport. We thought private car ownership was a given, along with eating meat rather than some chemical made in a factory and a social credit score or digital health passport
Forwarded from Lara Logan
the point of the Mar-a-Lago raid was to make sure Trump and his family never feel safe again. It’s psychological torture. When you target someone’s home— it rocks the very core of who that person is. The point is to make the person constantly wonder, “What will be next? Who will be next? Is there anyone at all I can trust?” this was to make sure NO ONE connected to Trump ever feels safe in this country again. The key to defeating this kind of psychological torture? “Lay up your treasures in heaven.” They can take every earthly thing, but they can never take God from you and He will ultimately protect you and direct your path. I speak from a kind of personal experience… Fight the good fight. finish the race. keep the faith.🤍
Forwarded from Lori's Place
Courtesy Mollie @MZHemingway
The agency that ran the Russia collusion hoax, the Whitmer kidnap hoax, went to war against the parents of school-age children, and did nothing during the violent summer of 2020, the attacks on Supreme Court Justices, churches, and pregnancy centers, has thoughts. . Quote tweet by FBI
Statement from #FBI Director Wray:
Forwarded from The Library (Harold Finch)
Forwarded from Just Human ️️️
Don't buy the narratives the news media is selling you just because they are cheap.
Forwarded from Just Human ️️️
And don’t allow them to program you; program yourself.
Forwarded from 1st Amendment Praetorian
Forwarded from The Library (Harold Finch)
This is exactly what i was talking about. If Garland and Wray were telling the truth and this raid was legitimate then the AFFIDAVITS would be unsealed. They are HIDING THE LIES.
Forwarded from The Library (Harold Finch)
Graham is weak & a coward but every thing he says here is CORRECT. Garland is HIDING THE AFFIDAVITS- that means HIDING THE PREDICATE FOR THE RAID.
Forwarded from The Library (Harold Finch)
It is becoming very suspect that the FBI & the DOJ relied on an informant, called a ‘confidential human source’ abbreviated ‘CHS’ to stage this raid & obtain the warrant. And its pretty obvious by Merrick Garland hiding the Affidavits that they know there is ENORMOUS PROBLEMS with the credibility & integrity of that CHS- and that it will be OBVIOUS the moment that source is revealed.

And that will prove undeniably this was politically motivated- the same way the FBI used known Liar Chris Steele & his dossier in Crossfire Hurricane to lie to FISA Court & obtain FISA warrants.
Forwarded from Brian Cates (Brian Cates)

I think I've found the informant.... 😉

Can you believe they're still falling for this?

Or pretending to?
What if the CHS is the lady whose “Trump tried to grab the Beast’s steering wheel and attacked his own Secret Service detail!” fantasy has already been debunked?