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Premium plan restored!

Free offer for three months of .Maui premium. See all the features:


It is thanks to your support that we can continue to offer a reliable service without advertising or tracking personal data.

Thank you.
Vulture CSS alpha 6 released with new features!

New online tool to remove unused CSS from HTML code.

API version 1.1 with new features.

Bug fixes and other minor improvements.
.Maui now offers a free, fast and reliable hosting service for the most popular Javascript and CSS libraries, such as JQuery and Bootstrap. 😎

Try now the reliability of our CDN!

Weekend of working at dotmaui.com! 💪💪

HTML Beautifier v 1.4.0 released, we have completely replaced the script for a better result

HTML Minify API version 1.1 has left beta status and is now available to all registered users

JS Beautifier v 1.3.2 released

CSS Beautifier v 1.3.2 released

XML Beautifier v 1.5.0 released
All beautify updated with syntax color and bug fixes:

- HTML Beautifier v 1.4.1 released
- JS Beautifier v 1.3.3 released
- CSS Beautifier v 1.3.3 released
- XML Beautifier v 1.5.1 released

We have published DotRSS beta, a free, advertising-free tool for updating Telegram channels via RSS automatically.

From now on, a chat is also available on the "Contact us" page. It can be used to report bugs or, for premuim users only, to receive real-time support if one of our staff is available.

Web screenshots updated with new API, version 1.1, and new online tool. This version supports simultaneous requests and minor bugs have been fixed.

We have released a free, fast, advertising-free and 100% client side SQL code formatter.

Try it now!

We have released a new tool to generate all the free GUIDs you need.

It supports text format, XML and JSON. You can also generate up to 100000 GUIDs via RESTful API.

Try it now!

Here are the latest updates 😎:

JS Beautifier 1.3.4 and CSS Beautifier 1.3.4 released.

New libraries added to our CDN for free use, https://cdn.dotmaui.com/libs.

HTML Beautify API-based web tool released.

Bug fixes and other minor improvements.
Here are the latest updates:

- New Premium rate, one month every dollar donated!
- New customization service or creation of new APIs or tools, read more
- Updated Pastebin with minor bug fixes
- Improved the tool for resizing images according to your recommendations
🦅Vulture CSS Alpha 7 Released!

- Now you can analyze up to 10 pages
- Updated the CSS parser
- Improved html capture
- Minor bug fixes

Remove dead css from your style sheets!

Try it now for free!

Minify API Version 1.2 released!
- Added four new parameters to minimize your CSS
- View updated documentation: api.dotmaui.com/cssmin

SQL minifier Web tool released!
Try it now!

Here are the latest news:

- JS Minify v 1.4.1 released
- DotRSS is now stable, we have released version 1.0

Here are the latest updates: 😉

- Vulture CSS alpha 8 released with bug fixes and minor performance improvements

- Image Resizer API 1.1 released. We have added some effects that you have requested, the transformation of the image into black and white, blurring, horizontal and vertical flipping. Both in API service and in the generations of the image on the fly.
Here are the latest news:

- Released the API-based tool for CSS Minify 1.2 with the ability to save tests and share them. Try it now! https://dotmaui.com/api-powered/css-minifier.jsp

- Removed the tool for the free certificate, due to the low usage by users and lack of time to develop it.

- Removed, only for non-registered users, notification emails for completed sitemaps, due to the increasing number of spam.
.Maui updated group photo
For a few weeks there will be no new developments, we are reorganizing the work to be done and we are working on new graphics for the sites dotmaui.com, api.dotmaui.com and cdn.dotmaui.com.

So if you don't see any news don't worry, we are still working and of course the support is always active.

See you soon.