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[RESOLVED] No migrations configuration type was found in the assembly ‘MyAspnetCoreApp’.

[RESOLVED] Your target project ‘MyAspnetCoreApp’ doesn’t reference EntityFramework.

Find diffs between all files of same names across two copies of a directory in linux

We have forked webogram, the Telegram web client. 💪

This fork adds the dark theme to the web version of Telegram. 😎

You can try it here:


The source code is available on GitHub:

Our Pastebin has a new home.

We have dedicated a mini site to this service, all the Pastes will be redirected to this new site.

Try it now!

Pastebin updated to version 0.8.0!

- Full screen display of pastes
- Relax your eyes with the new dark theme
- Improved the dashboard
- Fixed minor bugs

Try it now!

The last update of the year is dedicated to DotRSS. We have released version 1.1!

Support for instant views, statistics, bug fixes and minor improvements.

Many Telegram users already use DotRSS to publish on their channel, start now, it's free!

Back to work!
Let's start the new year with some troubleshooting, we have fixed some bugs that you have reported to us.

Keep supporting us and reporting bugs and suggestions.

.Maui Pastebin 0.8.1 Released!

Our pastebin improves and still remains free, with no ads and no tracking.

Here is what we have done for you:

Improved full screen mode.
Bug fixes and minor improvements.

Try it now!

You asked, we listened!

New White List option in VultureCSS Core to avoid removing selectors from CSS.

The new version 0.2.7 is now available on Github.