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I’m a trader since 2007.
In this channel, I share my ideas and tips for trading in the Crypto, Stocks markets.

Content must be used for educational/informational purposes only! I don’t provide financial advices!!!
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Post from: Dmitriy Lavrov

I wrote this post for the Discord community a few days ago. I want share it with you as well.

I remind you a very important feature of the crypto market... when we talk about reversals in the bullish trend, NOT always the price starts moving in another direction. Mainly, w...

Post from: Dmitriy Lavrov

**The Market Sentiment Is Bullish**

In spite of the overbought market conditions, I would say that the crypto market has everything to update local highs and close the week by bullish candle.

We get more reasons to consider that the crypto market bounced from the true bot...

Post from: Dmitriy Lavrov


For a case IF the crypto market corrects the pump, it will be possible to go short below $12.85.

Here is an example of a short trade.

#cosmos #atomusd #crypto

Post from: Dmitriy Lavrov


Update. The price moved above the $22 527 resistance. Now we are in a consolidation mode. If buyers can keep the price above $ 22 527, this level may become a base for another upward movement toward $ 24 688.

If the price moves below $22 527, we will have a rea...

Post from: Dmitriy Lavrov

**TOP 3 Reasons for the Great Dump in 2023**

The crypto market looks bullish these days! But does it mean that the bearish trend is over and we are at the beginning of a new bullish cycle?

In this post, I want to share with you the TOP 3 reasons that will be able not only...

Post from: Dmitriy Lavrov


The price moved below the support. It created a trade opportunity for shorting.

#rose #roseusd #crypto

Post from: Dmitriy Lavrov


Update. The market stays under the bearish pressure. If bears can push and keep the price below $22 527, we should be ready to see a downward movement toward $20 000. I think it's the logical target for bears.

Of course, we should watch for the price action ar...

Post from: Dmitriy Lavrov


Yes... Bitcoin likes to do such things!

It is a good way how to kick those, who try to short the overbought market.

From the TA point, shorting in the current market conditions make sense.

But it's not so simple to avoid cheating.

Any way, I kee...

Post from: Dmitriy Lavrov

**CHIA is better than BITCOIN!**

What do you think about such a statement?

Post from: Dmitriy Lavrov


It was not simple, but we could make a few profitable short trades.
All steps I described in the Discord Trading Community.

Share with you some of that trades.
And some trades the price didn't activate.

What do we have now?
The same overbought market conditio...

Post from: Yvonne C


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Post from: Dmitriy Lavrov

You know this simple rule:

**"Plan your trades, and trade your plan!"**

It means that you must have a trading idea for the market you are going to trade.

Mainly you need a direction (Go Long / Go Short) and entry and exit points. So, let's say it's your main plan = Plan ...

Post from: Dmitriy Lavrov

NASDAQ and S&P500 moved above the downtrend lines and resistance levels.

We may say that the trend reversal was confirmed.

Does it mean that the stock market started a new bullish cycle???

From my point of view... NO!!!

What we can see now, just a rally supported by a f...

Post from: Dmitriy Lavrov


Update. The price stays in the range between the local resistance and the key support.

If the market gives us another false breakout above the resistance, it will be a good bearish signal.

If the price moves below the $22 527, it will be another bearish sign...