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I've never trusted Twitter, and I honestly don't trust Telegram either. But Twitter is unsustainable and the latest decisions on who to "suspend" are the straw that broke the camel's back. Telegram is unknown from this point of view: in principle it can do even worse than Twitter, but in practice I don't know yet. This is an experiment.
From what I see, broadcast channels are great for broadcasting. I don't know yet if it will be good for generating discussions, which is this channel's real goal. In my opinion, the Telegram user interface should help in this sense: it's all a dialogue that branches off. Better than Twitter threads.
Despite what everybody is saying, 1 bitcoin is not equal to 1 bitcoin: http://fadibarbara.it/one-btc-not-equal-one-btc.html

It is a new site, so please consider it "under construction" :)
I recorded a podcast episode with the BitPolito group. See all info here: http://fadibarbara.it/podcast-bitpolito.html
New RSS feed for my site. http://fadibarbara.it/new-rss-feed.html
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Casascius (https://www.casascius.com) bitcoins are currently traded ~2X than bitcoins on centralized exchanges. Because 1BTC is not equal to 1BTC

Bitcoin has smart contracts too. See how to build and send them: http://fadibarbara.it/journey-of-a-P2SH.html
Second part on how to deal with smart contracts on Bitcoin. This time Alice packages and sends that P2SH transaction.

Third part of the P2SH journey. Now Bob spends the P2SH

A few days ago I shared a reddit post about non-fungible tokens. In this post I have fun extrapolating the consequences of NFTs and the new financial possibilities they'll create. Enjoy the copy/paste while it lasts.

Cryptocurrency tracking done right: http://fadibarbara.it/freefolio.html
Freefolio Update and other news: http://fadibarbara.it/freefolio-et-al.html
I did some live coding yesterday on twitch. I uploaded the video at https://youtu.be/rj1oPnVlvsA

Zero Knowledge proofs in Python