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Xcode 12.0.1 has been released. How about that, huh.

#apple #fail
Telegram added comments for channels. This time proper ones.
Following the trend, here comes yet another "testing comments" post.

To enable comments in your channel, open its settings and assign a new discussion group (chat) to it. No need to make that group public.

.NET 5 is coming, it is a good day to check how are things there with Identity and PostgreSQL.

#blog #dotnet #web #sql #macos
7-Zip parameters for creating a ZIP archive fast enough and with a good enough compression ratio.

#blog #development
Absolutely awesome tool for working with REST APIs on Mac OS is being given away for free again (they only ask for a retweet). I got it this way last year.

I'm a bit confused though, why would they give it away for free, as it's totally worth to be paid for.

Highly recommend it, very nice and native application, unlike all this Electron-based nonsense.

#web #development #soft
If you don't like mandatory Qt Account in Qt installer, you can just build the same Qt from sources.

#blog #development #qt #windows
Manually uploading VR screenshots to Steam Cloud turned out to be not so trivial task. Though essentially what you need to do is to make duplicates with _vr suffix in the name and to fiddle with the file modification timestamp attribute (if you want them to go in a specific order).

#blog #games #vr #windows #shell
We were looking for a wiki with Markdown markup, but surprisingly the choice is quite poor. And out of what's available, Gollum seems to be the best option.

#blog #web #linux #macos #devops
Ololo! Starting with version 9.3.2, The Bat! now supports OAuth for Office 365!

The Bat! already worked fine with Office 365 via IMAP/SMTP, but then our retarded IT department forced 2FA with OAuth challenge without enabling app-specific passwords, so I had to stop using The Bat! for work e-mails, as it didn't support OAuth challenge for Office 365. But now it does! So fuck Outlook, I'm going back to the best e-mail client.

And now I will finally upgrade my license from 8.x.

#soft #piracy
Очередной этап за рулём трактора - постоянный вид на жительство в Норвегии.

#blog #tractor #norway
Creating a C++ library with CMake turned out to be not that impossible of a task, but it certainly took me some days to get through the basics and learn about quite a few important specifics.

#blog #cmake #cpp
RetroShare version 0.6.6 did not (still doesn't?) have a version for Mac OS at the time of release, so I've built it. Also finally tried it out myself.

#blog #macos #qt #soft #piracy
A better alternative to Certbot for issuing and renewing Let's Encrypt certificates - shell script.

#blog #web #devops #linux
My favorite theme for Sublime Text, One Dark, got broken a bit in Sublime Text 4: as you can see on the screenshot, JS variables have the same color as background, which makes them "invisible".

Not sure why this was not an issue in Sublime Text 3 (perhaps, it was defaulting to different values), but the problem seems to originate in the theme settings:


so they've just missed the # in color value. Sadly, the theme repository is archived, so I can't propose the fix.

Meanwhile, here's how this can be fixed via color scheme customization locally:

"name": "JS variables",
"scope": "source.js variable.other.readwrite.js",
"foreground": "#adb7c9"

The blog has moved to on its own server, and the comments are now on remark42 engine.

#blog #web #hugo #devops #linux
As it is impossible to get rid of Apple TV fullscreen update prompts using standard settings, one way of blocking Apple TV updates is to blacklist Apple update domains.

#blog #apple #tvos #fail
If you'll ever need to automate package promotion in Azure DevOps Artifacts feeds, this can be done via REST API.

#blog #devops #azure #web #fail
1Password 8 will be an Electron-based application. That is by far the most reliable way to turn your application into shit.
Like the post says, it's hilarious how 2 people could make a native application, but 473 couldn't.

There also will be no option anymore to have a standalone one-time purchase license, so the subscription license will be forced for everyone. That is the second best way to make a pile of shit out of your application.

And apparently, it won't be possible to use iCloud/Dropbox/etc for syncing the vaults, and no way to have "offline" vaults too! The actual fuck.

If for some reasons I won't be able to keep 1Password 7 working on my Mac OS and iOS devices, I guess I'll have to switch to KeePass - I have already been using it on Windows, as 1Password 7 for Windows was a piece of crap from the beginning (and with 1Password 8 it will be just total shit).

That is one more case when I regret that I purchased a software license instead of pirating it.

#soft #fail #piracy
Qt for WebAssembly actually works, and one can run a Qt Quick application in a web-browser. Moreover, one can even render custom OpenGL content inside such an application via QQuickFramebufferObject.

#blog #qt #web
CMake can handle making packages too - with CPack. I needed to make a deb package, and CPack helped a lot with that task (almost did everything for me).

Then I also needed to host that package in a private APT repository, and that part wasn't too easy.

#blog #cmake #devops #linux #cpp