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The pony behind MadelineProto officially wishes everyone a very happy 2021, with lots of interesting new APIs, languages and juicy CS theory.

As a new year's present, I've actually finished the composer integration in phabel, and stabilized the transpiler API to fully integrate it in the next release of MadelineProto.
Forwarded from MadelineProto | Official Channel (Daniil Gentili)
Forwarded from MadelineProto | Official Channel (Daniil Gentili)
Seriously though, all the best ponies ❤️❤️❤️
Forwarded from MadelineProto | Official Channel (Daniil Gentili)
MadelineProto was updated!

MadelineProto 6 introduces ultra-fast startup with a built-in IPC server, PHP transpilation using phabel.io, MySQL/Postgres/redis database support to reduce RAM usage, and new, IDE-friendly settings.

The main event:
- MadelineProto is now transpiled using phabel.io!

Phabel.io is a PHP transpiler that allows native usage of PHP 8+ features in projects and libraries, while allowing maintainers to publish a version targeting lower versions of php.
Async await syntax is also supported!

composer require --dev phabel/phabel

You can now publish your packagist package, and it will be automatically transpiled to any PHP version supported by phabel.

After git tagging a new release, just run:

vendor/bin/phabel publish

💡 Your PHP 7 users can now install your PHP 8 library 💡
💡 All your dependencies will also be transpiled to the correct PHP version. 💡

Supported PHP versions:

Syntax/feature support:
- 8.0+
- async/await syntax

- 7.1+
- 🐘 5.6, 7.0 in final testing stage.
- 💡 5.4, 5.5 support coming soon!

- Now MadelineProto has a built-in IPC server, this means:

Very fast startup for small scripts: ~0.02 seconds, before was 1-5 seconds

To use this IPC server, just use MadelineProto normally:

$API = new \danog\MadelineProto\API('session.madeline');
$API->messages->sendMessage(['peer' => $_POST['peer'], 'message' => $_POST['message']]);

This is useful for small sendMessage.php scripts, to be called from outside; for maximum performance in bots use an async event handler.

- New IDE-friendly settings API!
- Async MySQL/Postgres/redis integration:

Use a database to reduce memory usage to 1-5 MB even for thousands of groups!
See here for examples and documentation.
Native database integration in the event handler is also now supported!

Other brand-new features in MadelineProto 6:
- New PHP API documentation
- Updated Telegram API to layer 131
- Updated tg-file-decoder library
- New localization keys for all UI elements
- New settings for custom HTML, Javascript and CSS in login page templates
- New PSR logger API
- New session conversion API

Coming up soon: **** **IP implementation ;)

Internal improvements:
- Many, many bugfixes, stability fixes and performance improvements
- RPC requests are containerized by default, when possible
- Complete refactoring of MTProto message subsystem
- Added a periodic garbage collector
- Implemented native PHP prime factorization (C++ factorization is still recommended using prime.madelineproto.xyz)
Daniil Gentili's news channel pinned «MadelineProto was updated! MadelineProto 6 introduces ultra-fast startup with a built-in IPC server, PHP transpilation using phabel.io, MySQL/Postgres/redis database support to reduce RAM usage, and new, IDE-friendly settings. The main event: - MadelineProto…»
Forwarded from MadelineProto | Official Channel (Daniil Gentili)
Introducing MadelineProto 7!

This update is mandatory for all MadelineProto users.

Due to 64-bit user IDs and Telegram's new API TOS, starting from January 1, 2022, old MadelineProto instances will stop working completely: even now, legacy instances can't login due to UPDATE_APP_TO_LOGIN errors.

If you're using MadelineProto 1 through 6, visit the releases page to view changelogs and upgrade tips.
You can also open an issue or visit the support group if you encounter issues while upgrading.

For most usecases, no changes are needed: however, graphical clients based on MadelineProto must implement sponsored messages.

- MadelineProto 7 provides a simple cached API to work with sponsored messages:
=> getSponsoredMessages
Get sponsored messages for channel, returns a list of sponsored message objects.
=> viewSponsoredMessage
Mark sponsored message as read.

Clients must then handle fetched sponsored messages as described in the API documentation.

- Layer 135! See the API documentation for a list of changed methods and constructors in layer 131-133.
Changes in layer 133-135:

Added methods:
- account.setAuthorizationTTL
- account.changeAuthorizationSettings
- messages.getSearchResultsCalendar
- messages.getSearchResultsPositions
- messages.hideChatJoinRequest
- messages.hideAllChatJoinRequests
- messages.toggleNoForwards
- messages.saveDefaultSendAs
- channels.getSendAs

Changed methods:
Renamed channels.deleteUserHistory to channels.deleteParticipantHistory; the old method still works.
Added base_theme param to account.installTheme
Added min_date, max_date params to messages.deleteHistory
Added send_as param to messages.sendMessage, messages.sendMedia, messages.sendMultiMedia, messages.forwardMessages, messages.sendInlineBotResult
Added request_needed, title params to messages.exportChatInvite, messages.editExportedChatInvite
Added requested, q params to messages.getChatInviteImporters
Renamed user_id=>participant in channels.reportSpam

Changed Constructors
Added requests_pending param to chatFull
Added recent_requesters param to chatFull
Added requests_pending param to channelFull
Added recent_requesters param to channelFull
Added default_send_as param to channelFull
Added request_chat_broadcast param to peerSettings
Added request_chat_title param to peerSettings
Added request_chat_date param to peerSettings
Added private_forward_name param to userFull
Added authorization_ttl_days param to account.authorizations
Added request_needed param to chatInviteExported
Added requested param to chatInviteExported
Added title param to chatInviteExported
Added request_needed param to chatInvite
Added about param to chatInvite
Added via_request param to channelParticipantSelf

New Constructors
- messageActionChatJoinedByRequest
- updatePendingJoinRequests
- updateBotChatInviteRequester
- inputKeyboardButtonUserProfile
- keyboardButtonUserProfile
- channelAdminLogEventActionParticipantJoinByRequest
- channelAdminLogEventActionToggleNoForwards
- channelAdminLogEventActionSendMessage

- New simplified EventHandler::startAndLoop API!
- Added support for t.me/+ invite links!
- New sponsored message API!
- Improved DB ORM API, used for example in the event handler!
- New FFI-based prime.madelineproto.xyz factorization module!
- An all new thread-safe madeline.php autoupdater!
- PHP 8.1 support!
- Zend hashmaps are now periodically reallocated to clean up RAM!

- Dropped 32-bit support.
Android users can install 64-bit builds of php using Termux.
Raspberry pi users can use a 64-bit distro like archlinuxarm.org.
- madeline.php supports only php 7.1+
- composer supports only php 8+ (7.1+ support coming back soon)

- Fixed a side-channel reported by Theo von Arx and Kenneth G. Paterson @ ETH Zürich.

Internal improvements:
- Many, many internal bugfixes and performance improvements!
- Switched to the new RSA-OAEP-based authkey flow.
- Native openssl integration for faster crypto!
- Removed loads of legacy 32-bit hacks, greatly improving performance!
Happy New Year everyone!

As a small present for any Blender user subscribed to this channel, I just created an AUR package for BlendNet: an open source plugin that allows distributing CPU and GPU renders across multiple machines.

BlendNet natively integrates with major cloud providers like AWS, Azure or GCP, and also supports self-hosting your own render farm.
My blendnet AUR package provides systemd units and configuration to quickly deploy your own self-hosted CUDA GPU-accelerated Blendnet render farm.

Feel free to check out the new arch BlendNet wiki page for more info: https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/Blender#BlendNet

Have fun Blendering in the new year!
Installing arch linux on my LG smart TV using rootmy.tv|GetMeIn + an archlinuxarm.org rootfs
Mandatory neofetch
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Россия, 2022 год
Долой диктатора, откройте глаза и посмотрите вокруг, посмотрите что вытворяет один безумец с пальцем над ядерной кнопкой.

Выключите Путивизор, встаньте с дивана и выходите, выходите все.

Долой Путлера.
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В России сегодня пройдет митинг НЕТ ВОЙНЕ. Главная начнется в Москве в 14:00 на Манежной площади. Но в каждом городе тоже собираются люди. Это будут смелые люди, потому что путинская хунта попытается бросить на мирных граждан своих цепных псов.

Приходи. Чем больше придет народу, тем меньше будут гавкать шавки. Это наша сила в правде.
Merry Christmas Everyone! 🎄
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2022 for me was a year of creativity and major technical accomplishments, driven by curiosity and the desire to learn and participate as much as possible in the wondrously creative field that is computer science.

I wish the same for everyone in 2023: let it be a year of inspiration, creativity and peace.