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Validate all CTK token purchases on Etherscan here: . Cryptyk Tokens can only be purchased on the official site while the public sale is running.
Cryptocoinspy investigates Cryptyk
Here is an article on Forbes about the recent scam on the Tron network. A fake Cryptyk token was created, and more than $2 Million dollars were taken from the market.
Investors are warned to research CTK before purchasing them, and only purchase on exchanges that are officially listed on our website after the public sale ends this month.
A 90% discounted, fake CTK was the number one trading TRX token.
Only purchase CTK through the official site, or trusted exchanges listed there.
Cryptyk Public Sale Officially Closed. Updates about token release coming soon.
Cryptyk featured in top startups tackling security in 2019
CTK investment and customer adoption
Crypto a Complement to Fiat, Not a Competitor
Cryptyk announces a 3 way partnership with BitcoinBing and Project Initiators for penetration into the Indian market. This involved a US$2M token swap and includes listing of the CTK token on the BitcoinBing crypto-exchange

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To all CTK investors - We are a long term investment with a token that will not acquire true utility until we launch our Cloud product range to enterprises in 2020. Until then we are like 99% of tokens with no utility and completely subject to investor speculation / manipulation and market sentiment. As detailed in our token web site at and our annual report we expect our price trading regime during this pre-launch period to be very undervalued well below 1 cent. The market will determine our price. What I can say is that all Cryptyk staff and shareholders have not been issued tokens and won’t until after the product launch. You can check this on Etherscan as the Cryptyk Pool of 250M tokens is 100% intact. So is the community pool of 200M tokens. However many Cryptyk staff have purchased CTK since listing as it has traded at 1-5% of our long term value post product launch. When we listed the CTK token the Cryptyk team & shareholders owned 33% locked until product launch in 2020. Now we own almost 50% with our personal investments since listing. This is not how a scam works and our vesting conditions have prevented a scam. Also our team believes in what we do. If our investors lose money so do the team. If you lose money on investing in CTK that is due to short term trading in our pre-launch phase when we have no utility. We have been 100% transparent in all our actions that are detailed in the updated annual report & business plan at So do your research and invest according to your own analysis.
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Hi CTK Community,

I have some frustrating news that the ProBit listing has been delayed again by 6 days. We have been having some problems on Cointiger with dumper bots for the last few weeks and have only just got rid of them (I hope). This was messing with the market makers who have to manage arbitrage between Cointiger and ProBit. And it has taken a week to get rid of 4 different trader bots. We now list 8am GMT on Wednesday Sept 8. Deposits start 8am GMT Sept 7 and ProBit will announce our listing on Sept 6. Thankyou for your patience and we want to get this listing over the line in the best shape possible.

Cheers Adam Weigold, Cryptyk.
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Hoping CTK goes 50x this year ! 🚀
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