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Here we will post signals that we trade. All our trades happen at the momment we publish them to our portfolio. We win, you win. We lose, you lose. Signals from Binance mainly. / email:
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only BTC is up and this affects all our trades very bad
For our trade of #ARK/BTC i am putting a stop loss in 1% so we can guarantee some profits in the blood market
[binance-api] BTC/ARK stop loss sold. #Loss: -0.05% . Close price: 0.00002114.
#New Trade #FX/BTC #Kucoin
Notes: Historical Low point, FX active in twitter (fundamentals: privacy)
BTC/#ARPA Take profit sold. Price: 0.00000111, #Profit: 6.68% . Closed in 20 days. Close price: 0.00000110.
Just some predictions from TradingShot
I am putting a stop loss in our #ETH/BTC Trade
at 1.5% profit to prevent any losses in ths trade
BTC/#FX stop loss sold. #Profit: 5.49% . Close price: 0.00000624.
binance-api] BTC/#ETH stop loss sold. #Profit: 1.14% . Close price: 0.021552.