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Market is very emotional over 2%+/- Swings on closes. take note, volatility will be inbound soon. im quite bullish but think we need a bit more of a shake before up.

Could be wrong... about the direction, but not so much about the volatility so buckle up.
ADABTC squeezing up slowly but surely.

OBV ripping ahead showing strong buying strength.
Thanks for playing.
If youre long, open interest is not your friend.

Bitcoin remains flirting with this 33k level and the bottom of the channel.

Trying to Form a bottom as we can see on the momentum reversal and pressing against the diag.

The 1.618 H&S target was reached & was the 61.8 of the move up so we might see that push up to retest resistance, but we have a repeating pattern in the midst, within the larger downtrend which does lead me to believe we carry downside risk, particularly with liquidity resting on the 30.5 and 28.6 level.

On the Weekly, we are sill miles away from a confirmed bullish reversal, same on the 3 day.

Realistically i want to see 36k reclaimed.. as i say there is some support here but there is the POC above, weekly vwaps, mean reversion, descending resistance.

Open interest is still bothering me, we have that increasing with price coming down which is not ideal either.

The silver lining is the Onchain metrics look positive, orderbook is leaning more bullish than bearish and funding remains consistently negative.

So to suimmarise.. i dont mind short term scalps to the POC/Mean reversion if we can claim the VWAP today and squeeze some shorts, but otherwise i am in a cash position pending further clarity.