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Hi Guys, quick Bitcoin update, we exited all long exposure very early this this morning.

Have taken some long side risk here, not full size, seeing ltfs starting to turn a corner but its far from convincing. yet.

Expecting 11k to act as resistance and a magnet to price given that the markets to which we have correlated are equivocally in that vicinity.

Clearly predator had us risk off this morning anyway but we livestreamed it 1 hour before the dump.
Just to clarify on the "we" in the site we have various packages:

Basic (which is like $1 / day)

1) You get the access to my macro analysis on crypto/majors/traditional markets and what im overall doing in the market, ongoing analysis through the day & trade set ups + Ongoing commentary about whats going on with De-fi and what we are doing there with Philip Swift.
2) Club $2.60 / day

Access to the live streams where we literally jump on at any point and chat whats up at critical times but also have structured content through the week, as well as access to a position sizing and risk management tool + Journal entry tracker to manage you trading journey as well as the chat channels.
3. VIP ($6.55/day)

- The above + VIP chat channel, access to the bots & the indicator package (doesn’t include the predator script tho.)
Moving forwards we will also be doing a 10x competition with our sponsors at Bybit where I will be daily livestreaming my challenge to 10x my account but more on that to come.
You can check out more info at see you there.
careful with this dump. the other markets are on their last legs.. they survive then we probably do ok here. They mega dump; you do not want to be heavily leveraged to the longside.
tldr... CAREFUL.
Quick note to say we issued the decentrader newsletter today with video about what positivecrypto and I think about the state of the maket, so check your inboxes for that!
Bitcoin continues to show resilience going into the weekend, despite being a little choppy overall. Volume has favoured the bulls with price action now stabilising above the VPVR and the mid of the bbands. If we can maintain that w push towards the top of the range around 10650 could occur over the weekend while the traditional markets are off and bitcoin can do some work on its own. IM still of the view that Bitcoin is relatively oversold compared to the other markets, but while they are in an uncertain period, i think its going to be difficult to leave this range and more ranging is more probable than not for a few weeks.
Cross timeframe analysis shows that there are signs of higher timeframes 12 hr / 1 day starting to turn around which is positive.
YFI continues to be a shining star and has no problems getting out of the range at the bottom.
As an alternative format to a standard newsletter, this week we have decided to share with you a livestream recording we did on Wednesday for our Decentrader Hub subscribers.

In it, Philip Swift an I take a look at the market and share some reasons to be cautiously optimistic right now, before then using some short time frame on-chain indicators to support their thesis.

Finally, we review two live altcoin positions in Yearn (YFI) which is up +150% since we shared it as our top altcoin pick in the previous newsletter, and Haven (XHV).

If you would like to jump to a particular section in the recording, here is a breakdown of the sections:

0min-19min: Bitcoin Market Review

After moving into cash positions last week before the drop, we are currently cautious but there are a growing number of reasons to be bullish:
signs of seller exhaustion
traditional markets bounce
bids on the Bitfinex order book
Predator tool turning green on lower timeframes
20min – 32min: Two on-chain tools that can indicate where the market may be moving next in the short term
SOPR (Spent Output Profit Ratio): suggesting a potential buy the dip opportunity now
Advanced NVT: Indicator retracing back to a healthy level
32min – 44min: Technical analysis review of two live altcoins positions
Haven (XHV)
Yearn (YFI)
You can watch the video here:

If you would like to get regular access to livestreams like this, daily insights from Filbfilb and Philip Swift, and be part of the growing community you can join us here:

I am also doing a 1-10 BTC challenge on Bybit which I will be live streaming Decentrader and you can follow the progress on Bybit

Please note the streams will be avaible for Club and VIP members only.

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