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Technical Indicators Reflect Worrying Signals For Ether Amid 2020 Crypto Resurgence

According to the technical indicators, Ether is at the most overbought level since May 2019. The coin is flashing worrying signals even though it has more than doubled this year. The GTI Global Strength Indicator that is used to measure movements of consecutive closing prices indicates Ether to go as...

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CFTC Files Petition Against An Alleged Ponzi Scammer

The Commodity Future Trading Commission (CFTC) announced on February 14, 2020, that it has filed a case against Breonna Clark, an alleged Ponzi Scammer for illegally raising half a million dollars via cryptocurrency investment. While filing the case against Clark in the US District Court, the CFTC stated that Clark...

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Instacoins Cryptocurrency Broker Obtains Estonia’s Operating License

The cryptocurrency brokerage firm, Instacoins Estonia OÜ announced on February 14 that it had obtained an operating license from the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU).  This means that the digital currency firm is now fully regulated under the Estonian law to offer exchange and trading services to potential clients. Moreover,...

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Facebook's Libra Needs to Focus on the US First World Later

Facebook's Libra digital currency project was announced in June this year, with an aim to become the digital currency of the world. The project was intended to serve as the default digital currency for masses, especially the unbanked. However, the project was not well received by the regulators around the...

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BitTorrent Speed Boasts Of More Users Than All DApps Combined

BitTorrent recently released its data, which signifies that BitTorrent Speed has more active users than all combined decentralized apps (dApps) and they (users) are increasing almost every day now.  BitTorrent Becomes Popular Among Users According to the report, the BitTorrent Speed is daily used by 195,000 active users and every...

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Brazil Exchanges Closing Its Crypto Accounts Due To Revised Regulations

Being active for a very long time on the crypto scene, Brazil is not only from one of the top 5 countries holding the most cryptocurrencies but also the seventh-largest country with most crypto-exchanges. In recent days, the Brazil government is seen to constantly revise its regulation policy for cryptocurrency...

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DeFi Has Gained Momentum, But Can Their Tokens Reflect Similar Success?

Over the past year, DeFi platform of Ethereum blockchain has enabled itself to grab notable attention. According to a recent announcement, it was revealed that total value locked in DeFi had reached beyond a sum of $1 billion, further solidifying the importance of the sector in the ecosystem. Although the...

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Binance Increases Cross-Collateral Loan Limit to $1 Million

Binance has recently announced that the maximum limit for the cross-collateral loan for its future exchange is getting increased to $1 million. The USDT shortage is severe though for the loan. Putting up collateral is a necessity for a willing better on the cryptocurrency's future price for a futures exchange....

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Bitcoin Dominance Declines While Altcoin Sees A Surge

Since the start of 2020, the market share of Bitcoin (BTC) dropped by 11 percent. According to the report by Tradingview, by the end of December 2019, the market share of BTC reached up to 70 percent but in the year 2020, it came down to 62.5 percent. Altcoins Performed...

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Metamask Extension For Ethereum Wallet Hits One Million Users

MetaMask, the Ethereum wallet extension for browser has recently passed over one million users for its Chrome browser extension. This comes in the wake of ETH prices hitting the seven-month high. The motive behind the creation of this Ethereum wallet extension was to bring Ethereum to the masses and to...

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Bitcoin and Tesla are World’s Most Significant Disruptive Technologies

During the past few days, Warren Buffet has participated in a few crypto-related events including receiving his first Bitcoin on top of other digital currencies. Well, this happened during the $4.57 million dinners with Tron’s Justin Sun on January 23rd at the Happy Hollow Club in Omaha. However, Tesla  (NASDAQ:TSLA)...

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Recently Launched Electroneum’s AnyTask Sees 80,000 Sign-ups

According to a report, AnyTask, the most recent Electroneum’s (ETN) freelance decentralized platform, has observed across 80,000 sign-ups and 700 tasks have been created on the newly launched platfrom. AnyTask was built to compete with global platforms such as, Fiverr and many others. After a soft launch, the platform...

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Block.One Launched Its Voice Platform on Valentine's Day, the firm behind the development of the EOS.IO software, launched a cryptocurrency-powered social media platform called Voice, on Valentine’s day. Social media posts suggest that Voice is actively asking its users to join the platform and at the same time, Voice CEO Salah Zalatimo, posted on his blog about the...

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Towo Labs Suggests Update To Trezor And Ledger Wallets

Ripple has emerged as a blockchain firm that has welcomed numerous allies into its expanding field of influence in the blockchain industry. Also, the firm has reached as far as contributing financial assistance to technology startups centred on blockchain development, notably those interested in forming more use cases for Ripple's...

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DeFi Lending Protocol bZx Halts Fulcrum Trading Platform Amid Contract Exploitation

bZx, a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocol that allows users to lend and trade with margin and leverage, announced on February 16, it has taken down its Fulcrum trading platform for maintenance after an exploit was executed against bZx protocol. As explained in bZx’s official Telegram channel, the exploit was done...

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