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Casper Network$CSPR also have an explosive day!

Casper was shared many times in this group and on YouTube.

Congrats if you took this one as it’s up a healthy 60%-70%!
BTC facing heavy sell pressure at the moment is headed down to test the local lows.

I would not be suprised to see a test of the September high at $53k.

Watching this chart closely but there are a few outliers performing well today such as ATOM, FET, & CSPR!

Most of the market continues to wait on BTC to makes its next big move.
Play To Earn NFT Games are the hot topic in crypto at the moment!

One highly anticipated play to earn game is Solchicks, and the IDO for the $CHICKS token is just a few days away!

The Solchicks NFT launched on Solana a couple of weeks ago, and the floor price has gone up 5X since!

This is due to the fact that holding an NFT will give certain in game perks!

Demand for a Solchick NFT continues to rise and many are interested in how to participate in the upcoming IDO...

Tomorrow morning at 10am EST, Tuesday 11/23, Connor will host a live AMA on the Crypto Empire YouTube Channel with the Solchicks Team!

Connor will be interviewing the team to get all of the juicy about the Solchicks game, IDO details, and all other important info!

A whitelist spot for the IDO will also be up for grabs to a lucky winner! More details will be posted in here on how to claim your entry into that giveaway.

Be sure to bring your own questions tomorrow at 10am as this will be a live interactive show!

See you all tomorrow morning!
For your chance to win a whitelist spot for the Solchicks IDO, please fill out this google form:
The winner for the Solchicks IDO Whitelist spot has been selected at random!

Congratulations to @chandlercrypto92 for winning!

Thank you to everyone who took time out of their day to join the AMA with the CEO & team of Solchicks!

Hope you enjoyed it and there is more awesome stuff to come
There is no debate that a solution is needed to solve Ethereum's gas fee issue...

The inability for a blockchain to scale is a major hinderence for adoption and that is exactly why cryptos such as Solana & Avalanche have taken off this year!

There is always room for improvement when it comes to cross chain interopable layer 1 smart contract blockchains, and one of the newest & most anticipated projects called Aleph Zero is expected to compete with the best!

Aleph Zero is built on Substrate so it can be easily accessed thru the Polkadot JS Wallet!

The network will be able to process over 90,000 Transactions Per Second with less than a 2.4 second finality time!

Aleph Zero also features private smart contracts which is a step up in security over the competition!

The mainnet is live but the token is yet to be listed on any exchanges!

Watch Connor's newest video where he explains exactly what Aleph Zero is and why $AZERO has the potential to PUMP!
Its always important to zoom out and take a look at the higher time frame charts...

Technical analysis is much more reliable on higher time frames, and often times newer trades are so focused on the short term moves they lose sight of the bigger picture.

This Verasity VRA chart goes all the way back to the start of 2021.

Notice how I used trendlines to form a price channel, and everytime the lower trendline has been tested the price takes off from it.

I do not think this bull cycle is over so I do expect this higher time frame trendline support to hold, and looking at the chart this is exactly the spot you want to be a buyer at.

Look how in March 2021 price broke above the upper channel line and went parabolic up to 0.055 cents.

Right now price is using that previous ATH resistance as support, and we have the macro trendline confluence!

Bags are loaded, time to send VRA to new ATH's!
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The current Crypto Market is clearly dominated by metaverse projects...

Ever since Zuck made his big announcement it appears all projects that use the word "metaverse" on their websites have increased in value.

The narratives in crypto are ever changing, (zk rollups/layer 2's is something to look into NOW), but currently the narritive is the metaverse.

Earlier in November Connor made a YouTube video "5 coins to 10X-100X" and the first coin he mentioned was MLT!

MLT took off today and is up over 100% in 24 hours!

Connor also posted MLT in the low cap gem section of the premium discord group with profit taking levels lined up!

Congrats to everyone who invested in this gem!

If you want access to all of Connor's low cap gems and swing trades, join the discord group here:

Expect more videos on metaverse projects soon as it doesn't look like this trend is slowing down!

Valhalla awaits Vikings!

With the amount of news & updates happening with Floki its hard to keep up.

Major partnership after major partnership, celebrities hoping on board, and they are about to run TV ads on the major US channels for 2 months straight.

You can hate memes all you want, but this is one meme thats hard to bet against!
Happy Thanksgiving Crypto Empire! No matter where in the world you are located I wish you and your family an amazing day! We have a lot to be thankful for and there is no reason to wait for a single day to express it. Crypto gives all of us the opportunity to participate in one of the biggest paradigm shifts in history where as in the past these opportunities were reserved for only a select few. I believe we all have the power to change our circumstances for the better and I always aim to positively affect those I come in contact with. In a world full of darkness, be the light and shine bright. I am thankful for every single person in the Crypto Empire Community, and thankful for this crypto journey we are experiencing. Wishing you and your families great wealth, health, and success in everything you do. Stay blessed Empire.

The market is undergoing a nice flush and the $53k level has officially been tested.

Left my text on my chart for a reason here…

Enjoy the Black Friday deals across the market!

This is an incredible opportunity to position yourself for the next leg up because this bull run is far from over!

Many lows have been broken on alts, the re-entries for trades are now much more enticing!
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The technology being developed by crypto projects will inevitably change the world in ways most people cannot fathom!

The metaverse, decentralized finance, and layer 2's are all relevant trending narratives at the moment in crypto...

One often overlooked sector in blockchain is Artificial Intelligence!

Fetch ai is crypto that is dominating the artificial intelligence market and FET is set to release much of what they have been building over the last few years in the coming 3-6 months!

In Connor's newest video he shares the most up to date news and analysis on FET and also goes over his price targets!

Watch the video here, and drop a comment on what you think about FET:
Litentry LIT is on the move today!

Connor covered LIT last week on YouTube as it is a project set to make a huge difference with its use case.

Big data is a HUGE industry, and Litentry gives individual users full control over their data and takes it away from Big Tech.

That sounds like it could become a trending narrative in the future, no?
Casper Network CSPR continues to push higher.

After months of accumulation in the bottom range we have a clean breakout now price is trying to break resistance at 20 cents.

Casper has the potential to be a huge layer 1 network and this upward moves are in anticipation of applications finally set to be rolled out on the network!

Chart is looking very good, lets break this resistance and run.📈
Bitcoin zoomed out on the daily chart.

The "next level to be tested" text has moved down to the demand zone at $47,000.

The overall macro bull market trendline (not pictured in this chart) has confluence with this exact demand level at $47k.

This support trendline goes back to the start of the bull market in March 2020.

I stand firm that the bull market will continue, and as a general rule of thumb when price is trading above the 200 MA on the daily time frame then the trend has not changed.

There is lots of uncertainty on a global scale right now and it is having a big effects on the markets...

Every month there is a news event that tanks the market for a short period of time.

There is no reason to panic, it is possible that $47k gets tested, and that is the overall worst case scenario.

There are a few support levels before $47k which can hold, which is why $47k is the worst case.

Don't get shaken out, enjoy your saturday night, and I'll see you all tomorrow on Youtube for the Sunday Livestream!

Connor will be going live in 1 hour on YouTube!

In this livestream expect the most up to date crypto analysis, news, and Connor will be sharing a fool-proof crypto investing strategy that has alllowed him to make massive gains in the market!

If you don't have a strategy in place for this bull run then you need to attend this livestream!

It will be filled with valuable info to take your crypto game to the next level!

Stream starts at 7:15pm EST, see everyone there!