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Hello to our BittsAnalytics channel
Ever wanted to know which coins are most talked about right now? Maybe you’re building a new product and want to capitalise on the buzz surrounding certain coins. Or maybe you're just interested in finding out if your favourite coin is gaining any popularity. Our cool app will help you with all of this!
Are you following the latest news? Then you probably know that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been extremely volatile. This has made it hard for people to find and report on factual information. However, your friends at BittsAnalytics decided to take a step back and look at the bigger picture — we’re interested in introducing you to coins that are actually mentioned on social media by real people, not bots or paid promoters.
Not a day goes by without a new crypto coin hitting the market. We track all of them and show how popular each one is on Twitter, Reddit and other social media.
Keeping track of your favorite cryptocurrency is now as easy as pressing a button. Social feeds can often be a great trove of useful information on the topics you're interested in, especially if you are keeping an eye on a particular cryptocurrency. We've put together this tool to simplify how you can collect, organize, and analyze all your favorite coins.
The cryptocurrency market changes very frequently. The trend can change from good to bad or bad to good. The price goes up and down every hour. It is a scary rollercoaster for investors who want to make money on cryptocurrencies. We collect positive/negative words used by social media users in their posts on twitter including bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, bitcoin cash, dash, ripple etc. We select the top 200 most mentioned cryptocurrencies on social media channels which have the biggest impact on all cryptocurrencies. We know social media discussion of cryptocurrencies are important because they can directly affect the price of all cryptocurrenies via mass psychology. Our site is your best source of information about what social media users talk about every day and how this influences cryptocurrency prices. Check out video at for more information on our platform.
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