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Cryptochrome is ultimate community staking and liquidity mining platform. A place to build crypto passive income . Non-custodial
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Cryptochrome Staking Program

Token : CHM
Est APY : 360 %
Type : Locked
Min Duration : 30 Days
Max Pool Size : 10000000 CHM
Total Rewards : 10000000 CHM

Thank you all for support and patience.
Staking program will be live Within 24 Hours.

Apologies for inconvenience.
Appreciate all support and enthusiasm.
🚨Dear CHM Community,

Staking is officially live now 🔥 You can all earn now CHM with Est 360% APY !!!🔥🔥🔥 Do not waste Time and start staking immediately for best rewards. Especially when 2 Tier Exchange is coming and after that 1 Tier 🔥Special Announcements will follow. So to clearify 2 EXCHANGES are coming !!! 👌 So guys dont miss this unique opportunity to earn CHM and with that to earn a lot of money. Dont forget to HODL CHM since there is utility coming with a great structure and marketing Strategies are on its way too. The whole big thing is starting now lets go this great way together !✌️If you started staking earlier you could experience some issues in this case please contact @cryptochromeadmin1.👍

Dear Community,

Seeing the enormous development and market positions We are ready to announce our development and product details.

We will focus on product development, marketing, Exchange Listing, and the round of token burn!

Kindly stay tuned! Thank You!
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Hello everyone!

We will hold an AMA with CHM team at 9:00 (UTC) on March 29th.

We are honored to invite Santosh Otari, CEO of Cryptochrome @cryptochromeadmin1 to our AMA. Also, we have prepared airdrop for AMA and Twitter event.

How to get the rewards?

1. 10 best questions with 500 $CHM each (picked by today's guest)
2. Lucky users with 500 $CHM each (picked by Hotbit AMA Host - Cyrus)

Here is the AMA session:

1. Online interview by @HotbitAMAHost_Cyrus & @cryptochromeadmin1.

2. Free Q&A session by @cryptochromeadmin1 and Community members. @cryptochromeadmin1 will pick 10 good questions with 500 $CHM each.

3. Hotbit AMA Host - Cyrus will pick the lucky users with 500 $CHM each.

Welcome to join us in this AMA!
Major Updates And Announcements coming 🔜 $CHM
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Cryptochrome Yield Farming Starts On Ethereum and Binance Smart chain. 1,60,000 USD Worth CHM in Yield Rewards 1180 % APR.

We are extremely excited to announce that we will be restarting a Yield Farming Program on our Platform with effect from today 13/April 20201 starting from Start Block 12231975/ETH and 6534373/Binance Smart Chain (11.00 PM IST / 5.30 UTC ).

*Key points of this Program*
👉1:- Total farming reward outlay: 8 Million CHM thats 160000 USD worth (current price) of CHM Tokens for CHM-ETH and bCHM-WBNB pair on both Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.
👉2:- Daily Rewards: A total of 4 Million $CHM tokens will be rewarded per Block reward
19.193106149627887 CHM-ETH for Ethereum blockchain and 4 Million $bCHM token will be rewarded per Block reward
4.537037037037037 bCHM-WBNB for 30 Days.
👉3:- Total Duration: The Current Farm is running for 30 days from the date of start i.e. 13/April
👉4:-APR : 1180.29 %
Calculated based on current rates. Rates are estimates provided for your convenience only, and by no means represent guaranteed returns. APR fluctuates based on the reward token price and the value of total lp tokens farming.

Basic Info for Yeild Farming:-

CryptoChrome yeild farming will be conducted on our platform and supporting both Blockchain ETH and BSC.

⁃ Users have to Supply Liquidity to CHM-ETH pair on Uniswap and BCHM-WBNB on Pancakeswap to get Liquidity Tokens.
⁃ Please Confirm Contract address on official website
⁃ Once you provide LP liquidity to any pool ( CHM-ETH / bCHM-wBNB ) you can stake your LP tokens in farm.
⁃ You can Stake & Unstake anytime.
⁃ Users can Harwest or Withdraw rewards anytime.
⁃ Please select your Network correctly for CHM & BCHM. i.e ( Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain )
Rewards Are Still Waiting For you.
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