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Crypto trading calls by the professional team behind Ethmon fund.
Free trading calls and trading advisory by the professional team which manages Ethmon fund.
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We are back!
We have been silently watching the market and did share our target of $5100 for BTC on 2 march 2019 in our 2x channel.
The current market is very different from what we all witnessed in 2017 and you would need a very different strategy to make the most of it.
Remember 2017 was all about euphoria about crypto and every one was trading a market which was running in just one direction.
Now the market participants have changed and so have the other dynamics.
Irrespective of market direction current market structure will make you loose more money if you don't work and develop a focus trading strategy.
In coming days we shall be sharing a detailed trading strategy with you and along with it we will also launch few very exclusive subscription for our paid services
Kindly don't dm us for now as we have huge backlog of queries and we would need at least a week to answer all of them.
Eth/Usdt buy close to $165 with strict SL at $156
Targets 170/174/177/182
Keep moving sl with the targets
Icx and xlm are looking good
We will update the call on both sometime later today.
Poe buy between 110/120
Stoploss 105
Targets 128/137/150
No calls for now, let BTC make a decisive move in next 1-2 days.
Make sure you have stoploss in place for all your positions in alts.
As expected BTC break out
5400/5700 should be the possible target zone from here
ETH if holds 172 will possibly see a rally towards $200/$230
Let Alts bleed for now and then we will start picking up few from the bottom
BTC gave a false breakout and then dumped.
For now BTC might again a small rally to 5200-5400 but it would not be advisable to take any new trades.
Support 4850/4500