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COVID-19 Outbreak Aboard Carnival Spirit – Carnival Cruise Line Refuses to Disclose Number of Infected Guests and Crew
A number of newspapers are reporting today that the Carnival Spirit cruise ship experienced a COVID-19 outbreak. As usual, Carnival Cruise Line refused to respond to requests regarding the number of infected passengers and crew members. Cruise guests on the Carnival cruise ship estimated the outbreak to involve “more than 100 people” and as many as 200.
My first cruise ship that changed my life forever was sold to a scrap yard. My first modern cruise was in November 1997 on Star Pisces from Port Klang, Malaysia to Singapore. Bye Star Pisces! You was a nice ship that changed my life forever!
More Than 260 Travel Companies Pressure White House to End Pre-Departure Testing
Letter to the White House says we have the public health tools to manage infections. The travel industry continues to call for eliminating the pre-departure testing requirement for entry to the United States.
In the letter, the organizations point out that new public health tools mean we can manage infections and that many other governments have already taken steps to eliminate testing.
"The wide range of public health tools to effectively manage COVID-19, combined with hospital-grade ventilation systems onboard airplanes and the inbound vaccination requirement, have also made international air travel safer than ever," the group says.
European Union Will Drop Its Mask Mandate for Travel Next Week

The EU is set to match the U.S. in dropping its facemask mandate. The EU is set to match the U.S. in dropping its facemask mandate.

The EU Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) made the announcement on Tuesday, dropping the recommendation of mandatory mask-wearing in airports and onboard flights starting on May 16, 2022.

While the agencies said that wearing a mask “is still one of the best protection against the transmission of COVID-19,” it will no longer push for the practice to be a requirement during travel. Rules for masks, in particular, will continue to vary by airline beyond that date because of other entry rules, including flights to a destination outside of the EU where mask-wearing is still required.
New Zealand sets date for travel re-opening, lifting of cruise ship ban Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand said on Wednesday the nation will reopen its international borders on July 31 at 11:59 PM. Cruise ships will be permitted in local ports on the same day.

The end-July re-opening of travel after a two-year suspension is welcome news for the travel industry in general, and cruise line companies in particular. Ardern said in a statement that opening the borders would open up tourism and put immigration settings on a more secure footing. “We are building on our proven plan to secure New Zealand’s economic future,” Ardern said.

Australia lifted its travel restrictions on cruise ships in April of this year.
Who is “fully vaccinated” against COVID-19?

Countries all over the world are loosening restrictions, with the very important phrase of “for those fully vaccinated.” Clients frequently think that because they have had both of the initial series of shots, they meet that requirement. However, many EU members are also requiring that travelers be boosted if their last Covid shot was over 270 days ago (unless they have a Covid recovery certificate). And that booster needs to be given at least 14 days prior to entry.

Now, these requirements are changing constantly, and tomorrow could be a completely different story. The definitio9n of fully vaccinated might not be the same as the country you are visiting.

I don’t want anyone to miss out on summer travel. The only definition that matters is that of the destinations. It’s a new world we are living and traveling in, and as professionals, you are the best way for a traveler to understand how they can safely enter new places.
CDC Updates US Travel Guidance with New Recommendations
The government agency is adding more recommendations to American travelers. The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has updated its coronavirus testing recommendations for Americans looking to travel domestically.

According to, the CDC announced domestic travelers should “consider getting tested as close to the time of departure as possible,” regardless of vaccination status. The government agency said the testing should occur no more than three days before the trip.
Future of Spirit Airlines Remains Uncertain; Board Favors Frontier Offer
The board of directors for Spirit recently reiterated its recommendation that stockholders vote in favor of the merger with Frontier over JetBlue. Back in February, it was announced that the low-cost airlines Frontier and Spirit were merging. The combined airlines would offer 1,000-plus daily flights to over 145 destinations in 19 countries. The airlins would also expand with more than 350 aircraft on order and eventually combining frequent flyer and membership offerings. The deal was expected to close in the second half of 2022.

In April, JetBlue submitted a proposal to the Spirit board of directors that reportedly represented a premium of 52 percent to Spirit’s undisturbed share price on February 4 (Frontier’s bid), and a premium of 50 percent to Spirit’s closing share price on April 4 (JetBlue’s bid).
Air France and Delta Air Lines have announced a partnership that would offer hourly flights departing daily from New York City’s John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) to Paris’ Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) and Orly Airport (ORY) starting next month.

The transatlantic shuttle service will improve connectivity between the two cities with nine daily flights operated between Air France and Delta. Together, the airlines will offer hourly departures from JFK starting in the late afternoon and departures from CDG and ORY every one to two hours during the day. Air France will operate six daily flights New York-JFK to Paris-CDG and one daily flight New York-JFK to Paris-ORY. Air France will operate flights with Boeing 777-300s and Airbus A350s. Delta will operate two daily flights New York-JFK to Paris-CDG with Airbus A330s. All nine flights offer at least three classes of service: business equipped with lie-flat beds; Air France Premium Economy/Delta Premium Select; and Economy/Main Cabin.
Caribbean Islands That Don't Require a Passport
Travel to any of these four islands for a Caribbean vacation that has all the sunshine but none of the…
Carnival Freedom Fire Destroys Funnel, Results in Multiple Cancellations

An early morning fire left the funnel on Carnival Freedom in ashes.
Viking Sails Great Lakes for First Time

Viking Octantis kicks off the line’s inaugural season in the Great Lakes region.
Plans Approved for Disney Cruise Ship Arrival and Christening in Florida
The much anticipated Disney Wish will arrive at Port Canaveral on June 20 for the first of several celebrations to welcome her to the fleet. The new ship, the first to join the Disney Cruise Line fleet since the Dream-class Disney Fantasy in 2012, will arrive in Port Canaveral on Monday, June 20, 2022. Though the 144,000 gross ton ship will be coming on June 20, she will not welcome guests for more than three weeks. Before her maiden voyage, Disney Wish will need to take on her regular crew complement of 1,555 international crew members and be fully supplied for her upcoming sailings. If you wish to try a new Disney cruise, call Nadia at 772 335-7017
Norwegian Cruise Line Cancels Seven Months of Asia Sailings
All Norwegian Sun sailings in Asia have been canceled from October through April, and the ship will sail in Europe instead. Norwegian Cruise Line has decided to cancel all Asia sailings of Norwegian Sun from October 11, 2022 through and including April 25, 2023.

Instead, the ship will be repositioned to Europe during the upcoming winter and spring seasons, where it will offer roundtrip sailings to the Canary Islands.
Sandals Resorts Releases Statement Following Deaths at Emerald Bay Resort
The cause of the couple and one man who lost their lives while staying at the Sandals Emerald Bay in The Bahamas and left one woman fighting for her life is now clear following the investigation: carbon monoxide poisoning.

Michael and Robbi Phillips, both travel advisors and in their mid-to the late sixties, died from carbon monoxide poisoning in one of the resort’s villas on May 6. The other was Vincent Paul Chiarella; his wife Donnis survived after being airlifted to a hospital in the United States.

Sandals Resorts issued a statement on its Instagram stories following the conclusion of the investigation into their deaths, adding that it is taking measures at the resort to install carbon monoxide detectors throughout the property, as well as at its other Caribbean properties, though they are not required by law.
CDC Adds Three Caribbean Destinations to “High-Risk” COVID-19 List

All three of the destinations were moved up from Level 2 because of a rise in COVID-19 cases
Luggage Cage Accidentally Dropped Overboard
Some passengers had a rough start to their vacation last week when a cage of luggage was dropped overboard during embarkation.
Guests were boarding P&O’s ship Ventura in Southampton on Saturday when a full luggage cage was accidentally dropped into the water.
A lifeboat was lowered to get the cage, which likely held around 15-20 suitcases.
There’s no word on how the luggage was returned to guests, or if P&O offered any compensation for the potential damages.
Airline flight delays and cancellations are accelerating – All the airlines are struggling to meet their current schedules. We are seeing a massive number of flight delays, schedule changes, and flight cancellations. Our team is flying to Ohio today. Every flight is delayed by at least 90 minutes, causing a domino effect on their connecting flights. Things may even get worse as we head into the high travel season this summer. Please consider these four steps to minimize the pain of the airline meltdown.

Advice #1 - If you can't miss the meeting, be sure to fly to your destination the day before your appointment.
Advice #2 - Pay extra and take a non-stop flight. This allows there to be less of a chance to have a missed connection in the hub city.
Advice #3 - Use one of the BIG 3 airlines (United, Delta, American) as they have reciprocating agreements to help a displaced traveler get to their destination if one airline cancels their flight.
Advice #4 - Use a Travel Advisor to find you alternative