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Remember Jensen Huang saying it's no longer a good idea to learn to code? Well, Microsoft is trying to put it into practice.

How do you plan for a career in tech in these conditions? Will hard skills still matter? Or will machines require you to have more soft skills, to understand the goals you're trying to communicate to them?
Singapore won't change its course but the protesters can change the country:
Even though hopping between jobs has become more of a norm these days, there are major companies which still offer a great environment for long-term career progress.

Here's the annual ranking of the Top 15 of them in Singapore, published by LinkedIn.
Min. Shan already responded to the Economist but I was more interested in that little bit where Ziegler writes how "unrelenting" PAP's attacks on the opposition are.

Really? Like when? Where?
Can you spot the mistake ;)
It would appear that thousands of Singaporeans are either not willing or not capable to understand basic English. And yet they keep making demands.
If you haven't seen it yet I would encourage you to watch the clips in the article, it's really impressive. It can do real time translations, teach your kid math, see and describe the world around you and even sing with another ChatGPT bot.

It's so impressive, in fact, that it makes me wonder whether human relationships are not at risk. AI has a chance of becoming more human than we are. Never complaining, always supportive.

Why would we want to hang around imperfect humans when we have such a perfect companion?
Soh Rui Yong likes to make a lot of noise. But what has he really contributed?
SIA is giving out bonuses worth 8 months of salary to its staff but some people question what happened to the $15 billion it raised with the help of Temasek to survive the pandemic.

Wasn't it public money? Was it returned?

Here I explain what it was, where it is and whether these generous bonuses announced a few days ago are justified. Take a look.