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In Florida under Governor Ron DeSantis, any businesses, government or school that discriminate against people, forcing them to produce a vaccine passport and denying entry or service if they don’t - will be fined US$5000 for every case of discrimination.

Compare that the totalitarian Australian where Berejiklian, Andrews, Morrison & Palazsuk have introduce Domestic Covid Vaccine Passports, forcing Australian workers to be injected with an experimental genetic agent that has zero long term safety data, and creating a dystopian society where Australian businesses will be fined if they don’t refuse services to those without an up to date Covid Vaccine Passport.

If you want to live a type of dystopian society that forces you to show your health papers just to get a hair cut - continue to vote Labor/Liberal.

But if you think this is an absurdity, an abomination, un-Australian and a violation of human rights - it’s time to join the United Australia Party.

New police weapons to be deployed against citizens include;

* A 175-shot pepper ball semi-automatic rifle that fires capsicum rounds and blunt-force pellets the size of marbles

* A 40-millimetre launcher that can hit an offender at a range of 50 metres and lands with the impact of a “very hard punch”

* Flash/bang distraction devices designed to shock and disperse

* Capsicum canisters – a crowd control weapon that detonates to release a cloud of capsicum.

It’s Morrison’s, Andrews’ and Berejiklian’s dystopian bio-Medical Security State, brought to you by the factional bosses of Liberal & Labor parties, and the vested interest of Big Multi-national Pharma, that want to inject everyone ENDLESSLY with an experimental genetic substance that has ZERO long-term safety data.

We can never trust the Labor/Liberal cartel again.

Only the United Australia Party has the fire-power to restore Australia’s freedoms. Come and join us, its no less than the future of our nation at stake.
A lawless and corrupt state, is one that violates the Human Rights of it citizens by coercing them into a medical intervention without free & informed consent, and threatening them with disadvantaged & prejudice if they don’t submit.
Which Indian State (Kerala v. Uttar Pradesh) rejected Ivermectin as an early Covid treatment, and which state embraced Ivermectin as an early treatment ?

And for a bonus point, how many years in jail do corrupt or compromised government bureaucrats deserve for actively denying sick people access to Ivermectin?

When a paper published in the British Medical Journal finds that 15% of those injured by Rubber Bullets are permanently disabled and 3% die, any state Premier that authorises for Rubber Bullets to be fired into unarmed Australians protesting about the violation of their human rights, has lost the moral legitimacy to govern.

Just go Andrews, you are a disgrace, unfit to lead.

The United Australia Party condemns the use of Rubber Bullets against unarmed Australian citizens.
We salute you @therealrukshan for your outstanding continuous marathon coverage of the Melbourne Freedom Day

We followed you around the great city of Melbourne, shared your front line experiences & wished we could be there with you & the Freedom Fighters


I hope one day in a free Victoria I get to buy the Real Rukshan a beer.
Please share widely.

We need to save as many young Australian boys as we can from this demonic cult.

It’s is beyond insanity to be injecting healthy young boys with an experimental genetic agent, which the short term adverse event data shows that risks outweigh the benefit - and we HAVE NO IDEA OF WHAT THE LONG TERM RISKS ARE.
Media is too big
I weep for what Andrews, Berejiklian & Morrison have done to our Australia.

I never thought we reach this point, but he have.

When our nation’s leading media network uses the words ‘’TAKE ACTION’’ to cover up and censor unprecedented scenes in our nation’s history of police firing rubber bullets into the backs of unarmed citizens protesting about violations of their human rights - our media, our democracy and our nation is broken.

How is it that not a word is mentioned in this article, how in the shadow of Shrine of Remembrance, that police fired rubber bullets into the backs of people as they fled in terror.

Orwell warned about this type of media censorship and propaganda - but I never thought I’d see it in my lifetime in Australia.

When Monica Smit was arrested for opposing the totalitarian policies of Dan Andrews, she was charged with ‘incitement’ which had a maximum penalty of a FINE if found guilty.

However, the politicised, lawless & out of control Victorian Police imposed such outrageous bail conditions, that would have suspended Monica’s democratic rights & placed her at risk of being JAILED for merely saying ANYTHING about the policies of the Andrews regime.

To fight these soviet-style bail conditions being imposed upon her, Monica spend 22 nights in one of Dan Andrews prisons - for an alleged ‘crime’ that the maximum penalty was only a fine, making her a political prisoner of the Andrews regime.

Thankfully, a Vic. Supreme Court judge has rejected these outrageous bail conditions sought by Vic Police, labelling them unnecessary, disproportionate and without utility.

Hang you head in shame Vic Police, you’ve grossly abused your power.
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Cowards ?

I wonder if the ABC will show this ? Of course not, the ABC are a propaganda unit of Dan Andrews regime.
This mad dictator has violated s114 of the Australian Constitution by raising a MILITARY force to deploy against the citizens of Victoria that oppose his dictatorial policies; the world’s longest lockdown and violations of human rights by forced injections of an experimental agent which has zero long term safety data.

Our forefathers wrote the Constitution to protect Australians from men of the ilk of Dan Andrews.

Section 114 prevents states from raising military forces - what we are witnessing on the streets of Melbourne, is not a police force, but military force attacking unarmed citizens with a complete disproportionate use of force.
What a pathetic lot of wimps the Victorian Liberals are.

If they are too frightened to even condemn Dan Andrews’ Military for their many abuses of power over the past few days - including pepper spraying old ladies and firing rubber bullets into backs of unarmed fleeing crowds - they should just give it away.

It’s time for Victorians that are appalled and sickened at what is happening in their state to come and join the United Australia Party, because unlike the meek and cowardly Liberals - we’ll stand up and fight to protect Freedom and Human Rights.