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Authentic Discipleship and Intentional Disciplemaking of A Certain Kind.

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The love of Christ is not self-centred, it is not self-gratifying. It is others-centred and the love of God that we experience must flow out unto others. So let us set aside intentional time to spend with our non-Christians friends as well, showing them this other-centred love that Christ has shown us.
This act of serving from Jesus, even to the point of laying down his life, shows the lengths at which Christ would go for us because of love. As we grow to become more like Jesus, to reflect the glory of God, serving is a vital part of our discipleship as well. So let us serve humbly, from the love of Christ, and bless our friends just as how we’ve been so blessed by God!
The Lord calls us to be a witness for Him in our lives. And this witness extends to more than just the gospel story, but how God has shown His goodness to us so personally in each of our lives. As long as we have Jesus in our lives, we have a story to share!

We hope that this BLESS framework will help you share the love of Christ to the people around you!
Lord we lift Myanmar into Your hands, that You will do mighty works in the nation, that You will touch and transform lives, and that Your mercy be upon them in these challenging times for them.
The stories of Daniel and his three friends are amazing examples of what it means to put our trust in God! Let us continue to strengthen our relationship with God, putting our hopes and trust in Him whom we know is good always!

– Adapted from today’s CEFC Devotional Journal. Click the link here for the full devotional.
We praise God for the opportunity to be a blessing to 52 community children and their parents at Camp Courageous! This two-day camp was held for the kids who have been participating in Community Blessings' Storybuilder Ministry, where Covenanters engage these kids through monthly storytelling time since 2017.

In this Christmas season as we reflect and celebrate the day Christ was came down, let us consider how we may extend love to our community as well! There are many ways and opportunities to serve our community this Christmas season. Click the link here to find out.