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🦾 Grid Bot backtest optimizer is now live!

Our new optimizer for Grid Bot runs a series of backtests with different Step values to find the settings that are likely to generate the highest profitability.

All the tedious work of running a bunch of backtests and playing with settings is a thing of the past. We know you don’t want to waste your time doing that. Automating stuff is kind of our thing here at 3Commas, so providing this tool to help you optimize your strategies was a no-brainer.

📖 How it works
We backtest default Grid Bot settings for all pairs every day and build them into a special list sorted by backtesting results.
Users will be able to add pairs to favorites and choose from those when setting up a Grid Bot.
Users can filter top pairs with these market conditions:
◾️ Strong Buy (TradingView)
◾️ Strong Sell (TradingView)
◾️ RSI

We also took the brakes off Stop Loss in this release.

When there’s a steep and fast drawdown in the market, sometimes Stop Loss wouldn’t execute if there weren’t enough funds to complete a transaction for a given volume. Now your bots will ignore the insufficient funds error and will retry to execute Stop Loss with the funds that are available.

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💹 Market Overview

Some good news this week, the bleeding appears to have stopped or at least stabilized. Still not seeing a lot of coins in the green this week, but AVAX and UNI have made modest gains. Most importantly, Bitcoin is mildly positive over the past week. Everything else in the market usually follows that coin to some extent, so seeing the current support level is good news.

🔥 New Releases

- Smart Bot is here! (For paid plans only)
What makes Smart Bot better than our old Gordon Bot?

Smart Bot seeks to make trades when the market bounces back after a price drop and there is a higher likelihood of making a profit. It scans dozens of coin pairs seeking out trade opportunities and chooses the best one, 24/7. Smart Bot is also, well, smart. It’s continuously self-training and adapting to changing market conditions.

👉 Try out Smart Bot today

- 🦾 Grid Bot with Trailing Up is now available. This new feature saves you time and effort by moving your grid up when the market price advances upwards past your current grid limits. Rather than being left inactive or requiring manual resets of the grid, it automatically follows the price upwards and keeps trading.


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*Eligible users can use all 3Commas features and trade with zero fees up to 500 USDT in rebate on OKX during the contest (29.11-19.12), and for a better participation experience during the competition, a KYC2 level is required on OKX.
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Running from Dec 8, 2022, to Jan 8, 2023, traders can enter by following the instruction in our blog.

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What we know about the last 7 weeks of API key attacks

🔹 It's time to set the record straight with the facts, not rumors, of what we know about the attacks on our exchange partners over the past 7 weeks.
🔹 We've gone through every log, every line of code, and double-checked every security service and outside connection we have. All the information points to no breaches of 3Commas' database and systems.

👉 Read the full blog here
There have been some false rumors shared by bad faith actors using falsified evidence to claim 3Commas leaked users’ API keys. These rumors were related to fake screenshots of Cloudflare logs that have been shared on Twitter and Youtube.

👉 Read the full article
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Notice on API data disclosure incident

On 28 December 2022 there was a post made on Pastebin website, that has since been taken down, from a supposed hacker claiming that they had got access to API data stored in 3Commas’ database. 3Commas can confirm that 3Commas first found out about the hacking and the hacker’s statement from the same Pastebin post as the rest of the 3Commas community.
This notice provides details about the incident, our response and description of the measures taken by us so far.

👉 Please go to our blog to continue reading about the security incident
Security checklist for 3Commas API keys

Our technical team has been very proactive in addressing your security concerns. Here are some of the improvements we’ve made since the attacks started October 19th.

◾️ Sign Center
◾️ IP White-listing
◾️ Fast Connect
◾️ Revoking old API keys

👉 Check our new blog to see the full details
Six exchanges that update your account safety with IP whitelisting

We’re collaborating with our exchange partners to bring updated security to your accounts. We’ve now whitelisted the 3Commas platform’s IP addresses with six exchanges and we’re working with the other ones to bring them on board. This means that API keys created using a whitelisted IP address can only be connected to 3Commas.

Here is the list of the six exchanges which have taken the step to improve your security:

🔹 Crypto.com

🔹 Huobi

🔹 Coinbase*

🔹 Gate.io

🔹 Bitstamp

🔹 Deribit

*Since Coinbase Pro has disabled the creation of new trading API keys, connecting and editing Coinbase Pro accounts is not available for now. Please follow the guide to whitelist your current API connection.

These aren’t the only security updates we’ve been working on. Read this article to get more details on the steps we’ve taken, and are in the process of taking, to improve your trading experience and update your account security.
Cyber Security Firm BlueVoyant Has Joined The API Key Attack Investigation

Quick update on the status of our investigation into the API key disclosure incident.

We have brought in the global cyber-security company, BlueVoyant, to build on the work already done with the goals of seeking to establish how this criminal attack happened and also to ensure that our amended systems are tested independently and are secure.

Read more: https://3commas.io/blog/3commas-brings-in-cyber-security-firm-bluevoyant