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Btw I'm testing cross-posting again, now from Discord to Telegram. Seems to work well.
I usually post on Discord exclusively, so it will help to keep those who don't use it stay informed about my progress. And btw, ct.js is not dead and is being developed further 👌
Aigh, let's put it in the WIPs channel as there are tangible results now!
So yup, here's the progress on the built-in CC0/WTFPL asset library. And I think this gallery is complete feature-wise: it can import stuff individually and en masse, shows links to support authors of those asset packs, and also applies magic numbers for textures (read the docs), splitting up tilesets and animated sprites for you.
A new feature is coming to the content editor and any modded fields: array fields. These have a UI cleaner than the ones used in tables and are compatible with the content editor. (Right now it doesn't support nested structures.)
Another improvement to modules: their fields can now be localized!
A patch for ct.js will come at the end of this week; I simply don't have time or traffic to prepare it on these workdays (business trip hurdles)
Stay tuned 📺