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Gap is filled and working as a support pretty well.

Whole market is bouncing 👆
#Bitcoin CME gap hasn't filled yet.

Another test in the region of $57,100 - $62,000 to fill the CME gap will probably be made.
On Friday reports began to surface of regional blackouts in Northwest China causing mining operations to go offline and leading to a drop in Bitcoin’s hash rate.

Hash rate dropped to its lowest level since November 2020. But it has already started to rebound, and should continue to recover as miners come back online or relocate to other regions
Little risky bet. (high risk - high reward trade)

You can buy some #SKY Around 6500 Satoshi.

Mega Break-out is awaiting and now lots of volume being injected. You can buy some and hold for few weeks here. Expecting huge move soon.

Target : 8000,9000,12000,14000,18000+

Stoploss : Daily closing below 5000 Satoshi.

BUY it....CHART Looking Cool..Too cheap Right Now.. Patience Holder Must Accumulate @1100-1250 SATs.

Patience Need Here 😎😎
#Bitcoin #BTC is about to break the $58000 resistance 🧐
BUY Range : 3800$ - 3850$

3950$ - 4000$ - 4100$ - 4200$ - 4300$ - 4400$ 4500 4600 4900


❗️STOP LOSS :3400$

We need to bounce from this level, otherwise we will get 52k. Its strong for now, watching this with 4 eyes! The supports are given with a grey box!
Over the past few days, major Indian banks had been denying services to Cryptocurrency exchanges, citing a 3-year-old RBI circular that was quashed by the Supreme Court.

Today RBI issued a circular stating that banks can continue to service these platforms.

RBI has stated that the circular is "not in order as this circular was set aside by the Hon'ble Supreme Court on March 04, 2020."

This is great news for the Crypto community in India as these uncertainties were a major hurdle to crypto adoption.
Indian Government Finally Spreading Crypto Awareness 😍
DAILY NEWS: The cryptocurrency bill in India is ready to be presented in the monsoon session of the parliament.

According to Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, the cabinet note for the crypto bill is ‘ready’. She added that a "lot of work" has been done on the bill.

This has been a relief for crypto-based businesses in the nation as banks have been hesitant towards servicing entities involved with the emerging market.

If the measure passes in Parliament, Sitharaman has suggested pilot programs could be on the way.

Do you think now's the best time for the government to put crypto regulations in place?
We are happy to announce that Cofinex Exchange mobile application is available on app store ( I phone).

Happy trading.
ETH scalp trade opportunity

target 3250- 3300- 3350

stop 3100
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