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Hey guys! I'm glad to receive all your love and support 😍 I've decided to launch a new community group on YouTube. All the members(called Coding Enthusiast 😎) will have exclusive access to our new Community posts, Priority replies on YouTube and Custom badges next to their names in the comments section.

This will help me fund my next project that I'm building. This project will help you guys to learn in an even better way. Anyone who wants to support can Join 🤗

Here's the link:

Even if you decide not to join, that's okay too. Thanks again 🙌
Need some last moment strategies video for your Placements season?
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Catch me on Unacademy on the show called 'HR Talks' where I talk to Hiring Managers, VPs, CTO of some of the top Startups and MNCs every Sunday at 8PM. Very important for someone who wants to join these companies as a Software Engineer.
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In tonight's show we've Mr. Sufiyan Sait, the Senior Manager for talent acquisition at Treebo Hotels. Here's the agenda for Tonight's show.
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Have you ever answered on Stack Overflow / participated in discussion on Leetcode or other platforms / written articles on online community forums like GFG or other platforms?
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This is regarding a Mobile App we're working on. I request each and every subscriber to please take out some time and fill this form.
Thanks in Advance 🤗