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Singapore authorities have seized drugs worth more than S$2.3 million, including 23kg of cannabis and 16kg of heroin.

“The fact is that, internationally or regionally, the drug situation is worsening,” says a CNB official.
India's capital New Delhi goes into a week-long lockdown from tonight. The country has recorded a fifth consecutive day of more than 200,000 COVID-19 cases.
✍🏼 Psst parents, don’t be too hasty to ditch the work-from-home routines that have helped you and your family bond. CNA’s Malminderjit Singh explains why.
A man was fined for attending a BBQ party at East Coast Park with 11 others, breaching COVID-19 measures.

It’s the third time he has breached social distancing rules:
Malls, cinemas and other high-traffic locations have to deploy SafeEntry Gateways for TraceTogether check-ins from today. Here's how it's going:
⚽️ What do you think of the proposed European Super League, comprising 12 of Europe's most powerful clubs?

"Cash grab", "disgusting" and "moving away from what football is" are just some of the things fans had to say about it:
Singapore's sole COVID-19 community case today is a restaurant manager who went to work several times during his infectious period.

He's the husband of an accountant who tested positive last week.
When retailers like Naiise miss payments for goods sold on consignment, how badly does it impact small brands?
US fashion brand Abercrombie & Fitch is closing its only Singapore store soon:
At least 49 passengers on an Apr 4 flight from New Delhi to Hong Kong have tested positive for COVID-19.
1 dead, 16 lorry passengers taken to hospital after the vehicle collided with a stationary tipper truck on the PIE in Singapore. The driver of the lorry has been arrested.

- Singapore will tighten rules for travellers from India amid the surge in COVID-19 infections there. Visitors will have to serve an extra 7-day stay-home notice on top of the current 14 days.

- Travellers from Hong Kong to Singapore will have their stay-home notice cut from 14 days to 7, with some residents able to do so at home.

A woman and her husband will be charged under Singapore's Official Secrets Act over the leak of a Government media statement on COVID-19 school closures last year.
A foreign student hanged himself in his hotel room after being caught for breaching his stay-home notice in Singapore, a coroner found.

He was worried he would lose his university scholarship and left notes apologising to his family.
Singapore is reviewing border measures for travellers who have recovered from COVID-19, after a work pass holder who was likely re-infected in India passed it to his sister-in-law and her husband here.
Football fans, you’ve been heard: After much backlash, Premier League clubs have pulled out of the European Super League.
Overnight, former police officer Derek Chauvin was found guilty of murdering George Floyd.

The verdict brought tears of joy in the US:
A couple has been charged under Singapore's Official Secrets Act after leaking and spreading information about school closures due to COVID-19.
HERO: A railway worker in India has been rewarded after rescuing a 6-year-old boy in the path of an oncoming train.

Footage showed the man saving the boy and then climbing up himself, barely two seconds before the train thundered through:
India has reported 2,023 COVID-19 deaths, its highest single-day tally so far. PM Narendra Modi says the current wave of infections has come "like a storm".