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WOW! We have fantastic news!

Montenegro's National Coordination Council has included #Russia 🇷🇺 into the 'green list' of epidemiologically safe countries. #Azerbaijan 🇦🇿 is also on the list.

The citizens of these countries are allowed into #Montenegro 🇲🇪 without additional provisions linked to the coronavirus infection.
CMM Investment Consulting Group is the only company that offers this UNIQUE package within the Montenegrin Citizenship by Investment Program. CMM clients have the exclusive opportunity to secure GUARANTEED 5% of income, top property in Montenegro and a versatile, renowned European PASSPORT.
Extraordinary projects among the majestic Montenegrin mountains and ultimate indulgement in the luxury property within our marvellous seaside complex Sunny Side Resort and Spa.
Live a better life as a truly global citizen with CMM Investment Consulting Group, your reliable partner on the way to becoming Montenegrin citizen.

Contact us:
+382 68 031 580
The most important question is why Montenegro? Here’s why 😃

- incredible nature and clean beaches
- different ways to spend your free time: fishing, yachting, diving and tours, so you will definitely find something fun!
- welcoming locals that will only bring positive emotions

The above mentioned is quite obvious and there’s way more to tell about, so to be continued!
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Family holidays in Sveti Stefan🏖

A place where you won’t find any all-night parties in bars, but instead you will have a chance to enjoy picturesque beaches and beautiful sights.

Just take a taxi or take a ride in a local bus and there starts your unforgettable vacation 😍

Have you ever been to any resorts in Montenegro?

#recreationmontenegro #montenegro #realestate #vacation ph: @indolentna__
We offer a full range of real estate services, just get in touch with us! How can we be helpful with the purchase and further maintenance of real estate in Montenegro? Here's how:

1. Legal registration of the purchase
2. Maintenance of the property
3. Arrangement of your vacation in Montenegro
4. Rent of a yacht or a cool car
5. Investment strategies and business consulting (yes, we can do everything!)

For more information, DM us or use the link in the profile⤴️

#recreationmontenegro #montenegro  #vacation ph: @foxyachting
Today we'll talk about taxes in Montenegro💸

Taxation system is quite attractive here, and here's why:

Real estate tax varies from 0.25 to 1% of the cadastral value of the object (depending on its type, quality, and location)
Rental income tax rate is 9%
Inheritance tax is 0%

How different is this compared to what you pay now?

Our account managers will easily help you with any questions👩🏼‍💻 Contact us in DM or via website

#recreationmontenegro #montenegro #realestate
ph: @ afina172
Buy real estate online! 👩🏼‍💻

Yes, this is 2021! 😉 We will select and design your dream house online! The CMM team will take care of everything so that you don't need to bee too involved. We will:

- take into consideration all your requirements
- give you a virtual tour of the house and surroundings (while you're at home sipping coffee)
- take care of the online booking, the conclusion of the purchase and the signing of the contract

That's all that is needed to become an owner of your oqn property in sunny Montenegro!

#recreationmontenegro #montenegro #realestate #vacation
ph: @ tatiana_cake.montenegro
Happy Easter! ☺️

This very warm and cozy family holiday we usually go to church and later in the day have a very nice dinner at home altogether.

CMM group wishes you all the best today! ❤️

Have you celebrated today? If yes, how?

#easter #montenegro #holidays
Who doesn't love somе fine dining? 🍲

Montenegro has an amazing national cuisine! Friendly locals will offer you fresh seafood and juicy meat, cheese and, of course, sweet desserts!

One of the popular national dishes is chorba with fish and seafood. it is a richly flavoured soup made of different types of fish. Can you imagine how good this taste is?

What cuisine do you like? 😉

#recreationmontenegro #montenegro #buyingrealestate #vacation
ph: @etnoseloizlazak
Let's talk about the climate in Montenegro 😉

The summer tourist season starts soon, usually it lasts from May till the end of September
Water temperature goes up to +27, while the air temperature gets up to +35! So while planning your trip, don't forget a fancy panama hat and the strongest spf protection 😎

Do you think you would feel comfortable in this weather?

#vacation Montenegro #montenegro #buy real estate #vacation
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Would you dive in the sea?

The Adriatic Sea is one of the cleanest seas in the world! In many places, the water transparency is up to 60 meters so you can swim and enjoy the underwater world.
And the color of water is azure blue, just like in the pictures 😍

Are you in team sea or team pool?

#holidaymontenegro #montenegro #realestatebuying #vacation
Today is a big day!❤️

The birthday of CMM 🎉 We've been helping our clients in real estate and investment consulting for many years.

During this time we have carried out many of our own development projects, but the main priority for CMM has always been and will always be a deep and comprehensive understanding of the client's needs and preferences and meeting them in best way possible.
Today we want to say thank you - for choosing and trusting us!😊

#realestateMontenegro #montenegro #buyrealestate #holidayMontenegro
Have you ever wondered: why is the country called "Montenegro"?❤️

There is a root "mountains" in the name of the country for a reason. More than 60% of the territory is above sea level, and mountains occupy the most part of it.

Of course, the difference of 1 km is quite insignificant and locals and tourists have no problems with the pressure drop. Therefore, even non-professional mountain lovers will feel super comfortable👌
#recreationmontenegro #montenegro #buyrealestate #vacation