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​​Good day, we have released the Clever Internet Suite version 10.1

The new version introduces the RAD Studio 11 Alexandria support and implements the SSH Public Key authorization for the SFTP Server component. We have added the new SFTP Server, TCP Client, and TCP Server .NET components to the Visual Studio Toolbox. The SFTP server VCL component was improved to support multiple subsequent authorizations while establishing the session.

Starting from now, the SFTP server component, and also the SSH server engine are available in both the VCL and .NET editions of the library.

Also, we have fixed some existing problems with the SFTP client, the OAUTH component, the SOAP Security engine, and the SSH protocol implementation.

Please check out the product website for more details:
​​Good day, check out the new SFTP Server example in C# .NET 😲

The program implements a fully functional SFTP server with multi-session support, which works via the SSH File Transfer Protocol.

The code is available in our GitHub repo πŸ‘Œ
​​Hello, we have added two new examples to the Clever Internet Suite Tutorials collection πŸ‘

The examples show how to connect the Bitstamp API from Delphi

and how to handle custom search criteria in the IMAP4 Server component for C# .NET
​​Happy Halloween πŸŽƒ
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Hello, we have published the Clever Internet .NET Suite library on NuGet.

The library represents a suite of client and server components for Internet development that implement HTTP, FTP, SFTP, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, OAUTH, DNS, WebDAV, DKIM, and other protocols.

Please check out the package details on the NuGet server πŸ‘
​​The Black Friday 2021 week has officially begun πŸ’°
Get a special Black Friday offer on our Internet and Database components.

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​​The Cyber Monday 2021 week has officially begun πŸ’°

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​​Hello, we have updated one of the examples for the Clever Internet Suite library, IMAP Client, and added an ability to skip invalid/broken messages.

The program implements an IMAP client, which connects to the specified mailbox over the IMAP4 protocol, browses/modifies IMAP folders, and displays emails within the selected folder.

The code is available in our GitHub repo πŸ‘
​​Hi all, we have published a new E-mail sending example in Delphi that uses the TMS FNC UI RichEditor and the Clever SMTP components to compose and send HTML messages.

Please check out the sources in our GitHub repository. The ReadMe file provides more description and steps to compile and run πŸ‘
​​Good day, we have released the Database Comparer VCL version 8.0

The new version introduces the UniDAC and IBObject connections. We have added more support for the Firebird server, including Grant/Revoke privileges for stored procedures and functions, implemented the GetDbcBuildNo function that returns the current build number, and improved the design-time behavior for all components.

Database Comparer VCL now supports RAD Studio 11 Alexandria πŸ”₯

Also, we have fixed some existing problems with the Table Data Comparer, DB Comparer, and the FireDAC Connection components, including analyzing the Firebird CTE syntax.

Please check out the product website for more details πŸ‘
​​Hello, recently we have published an E-mail sending example that uses the TMS FNC UI RichEditor to edit HTML content.

Please check out yet another Delphi example, which utilizes the TRichView components to do the same job. The program sends and receives E-mails using the Clever SMTP and POP3 components, and also scans received messages using the ClamAV antivirus library.

The sources are available on GitHub. The ReadMe file provides the steps to compile and run πŸ‘
​​Good day, please check out a new Delphi example that starts listening to an incoming connection, accepts the connection, receives all data over the established connection, and sends no data back to the client. This functionality might be useful when you debug a Network app and want to analyze the produced TCP traffic, e.g. using Wireshark.

The program uses the TcpServerConnection socket class from the Clever Internet Suite library to start listening on the specified local port and receive TCP packets over the Network.

The sources are available on GitHub πŸ‘
​​Hello, please take a look on a simple Delphi project to learn the TLS handshake implementation using OpenSSL 3.0 Memory BIOs.

There are lots of examples with previous versions of the library on the Internet. So we decided to share this project to help other developers to get started with OpenSSL memory BIOs in Delphi. We still are working on this test project. So if you find any errors or have questions, do not hesitate to ask πŸ‘

Also, please feel free to ⭐️ the repo to help other devs to find this project!
​​Hi, please take a look on this Delphi tutorial that utilizes the Clever Mail Message and S/MIME Message components to parse / compose E-mail messages in MIME format, with file or image attachments.

☝️The Clever Mail Message component doesn't store attachmets in memory, and the given program shows you how to deal with them.

πŸ‘ Check out the sources on GitHub
Good day, a new version of Clever Internet Suite 10.2 released!

This new version of our Internet components improves the SFTP connection speed, adds more data protection options to the SOAP component, updates the DNS Query component, and includes a lot of new features, optimizations, and bugfixes.

Just visit the product web site to learn more πŸ‘

BTW: we are providing a special time-limited discount to buy a new or upgrade the existing license πŸ”₯
​​Do you know how to send a photo to a Telegram channel in Delphi?

Please take a look at this program that utilizes the Clever HTTP and HttpRequest components to submit an image to a Telegram channel using Telegram Bot API.

The sources are published on GitHub πŸ‘
​​Good day. We prepared a simple tutorial that shows how to override the default POP3 command handlers and implement your own ones using our POP3 Server component.

You can find the source code for this Delphi project on GitHub. Please ⭐️ our GitHub repo if you like this project πŸ‘
​​Hi, please try this Delphi example that implements a simple host key repository to keeps all known and verified by users the SFTP host-keys and automatically accept connections to these hosts 😲

The SFTP component provides all necessary remote host information: host name, key type, finger-print, and host key bytes. You can save this information to the disk, and load next time you run the app.

The program connects to an SFTP host via SSH, authorizes with the user/password or the Public Key algorithms, lists, downloads, and uploads files πŸ‘
​​Do you need to work with GMail or Google Calendar in Delphi? Please check out the following library on our GitHub repository that implements integrations for Google Workspace developer products.

The current version of the library provides access to Gmail and Google Calendar APIs, and we are working on adding the other Google Workspace REST APIs. The library utilizes RTTI to serialize JSON to Delphi classes and Clever Internet components to implement HTTPS and OAUTH protocols 😲

Also, the repo includes an example of using Gmail to send mail from your Delphi app. Just try it and see how it works πŸ‘