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From his early 20s, Corneliu Codreanu almost single-handedly created and led a new national movement in Europe

His life is a true lesson in resilience and courage, but also regarding the perils of a malicious Jewish minority.
Lessons for us all today.
The Jews made Easter Sunday the US government's Trans Day.
When we are united, anything is possible.

Divided - we fall.
Happy Easter!
There is a Kosher Conservative trend of comparing "Wokeism" to Maoism.

This is a distraction from the real issue.
From the age of 26 until his death in 1945, Joseph Goebbels kept a near-daily diary

What it shows is a picture of an intelligent man who wanted the best for his people, grappling with what he saw as the primary threat to their well-being—the Jews
Thanks to the vision and leadership of Adolf Hitler, National Socialism nearly saved the world from the parasitism of Jewish international finance currently sowing destruction in nations around the globe.

Our catalogue provides insight from the past and from the present to create new antidotes to this ancient problem.
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Why does a jew at the SPLC (an American 501 nonprofit "legal advocacy organization" specializing in "civil rights" and "public interest" litigation) keep track of the White (declining) population numbers in America and Europe?
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From today's meme crop harvest on X:
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Menachem Begin, first Prime Minister of Netanyahu's Likud party. Started off as a terrorist murdering British peace-keepers. Later sold Falklands Exocets to Argentina.

60 years murdering Palestinians in pursuit of a 'racially pure' Greater Israel, from the Nile to the Euphrates.