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My 2 year old: I saw Jesus.
Me: what did He look like?
He looks like Jesus.
Was His hair long or short?
What color were His eyes?
What did He say?
He said about my dream. He said He will come.
(No answer.)
To do what?
He will come to fight the monsters.
Is He going to protect us?
He will protect the people who say Hosanna.

…And Jesus said to them, “Yes. Have you never read, ‘Out of the mouth of babes and nursing infants You have perfected praise’?” Matthew 21:16 (NKJV)
I just looked up Moderna for the first time. What do you see?
1) Their ticker has been MRNA…cute. They told us since 2010 how they wanted to solve a future pandemic/ make profits.
2) Their stock was dead for years.
3) Their company was on the verge of collapse…
4) Until COVID.
5) Then came what’s familiar to crypto traders: the PUMP and DUMP of MRNA stock.
6) But the way it happened is unique and only possible by collusion on the highest levels. World governments pumped the stock with massive, pre-approved purchases; stockholders dumped the shares as soon as they knew they could not milk the pandemic any more. Billions extracted from the public purse, about $1000 per second or $93.5 million per day among the vax producers.
7) Since much of the research and purchase were funded by public money, for the good of the people, the ethical thing to do is for governments to order vaccine producers to return their windfall profits to the People, and thank them for their magnanimity.
Nearly all the reporting on Ukraine has been skewed by pro-Kiev propaganda. Contrary to the MSM narrative, Ukraine is losing the war with Russia. Ukrainian soldiers saying, “We are being sent to certain death” are promptly labelled “deserters”.

You heard me say from the outset, from a Biblical point of view: 1) don’t provoke Putin, 2) understand the grievances of both sides and immediately negotiate for peace. Deaths and dispersion could have been prevented with a Promise not to grow NATO on Russia’s border. The probability of this strategy succeeding was high.

Instead, Western interests benefit from war and billions of dollars disappearing into unaccountable hands. The worst response was to suggest adding Finland and Sweden to NATO, and to involve NATO in any way when Ukraine is not part of the alliance. Biden was pushing Putin for more conflict.

The fact that Christians could not get this from the start tells me 2 important things:
1) Many Christians including God’s preachers are parroting MSM instead of applying the Bible to their lives.
2) When you face high conflict, you can expect few mature Christians with godly wisdom to resolve it. They may in fact stoke the flames of conflict. They exacerbate it with their nonsense assumptions. They are not listening to two sides before they rush to judgment.

The world loves to spectate during a fight. “Are you not entertained?”
Media is too big
Leaked phone call between Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and US Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt shows them treating the Ukrainian regime as a US puppet. Their language suggested the State Department could “midwife” cabinet changes in a different country and then-Vice-President Biden could “attaboy” the persons they picked.

It’s odd they spoke as though they could install whoever they wanted in the Ukrainian government. Don’t they know Ukraine is a DEMOCRACY…and Zelensky is a free, independent military hero who would rather sacrifice his own life than serve the interests of a foreign power?
The California Appellate Court of the Third District rules that a bumblebee is a fish under California law:

1) Much of the activity going on in Western courts is a word game
2) Career lawyers and judges are not usually engaged in the profession and pursuit of truth and justice.
3) They are functioning as linguists who twist and stretch words in self-serving ways to reach predetermined conclusions.
4) After meeting some of them, I have often thought that they belong in the English Department teaching a Creative Writing Course rather than in the profession of justice.
5) Most of them were not prepared in legal traditon or Biblical foundation of justice, but in studying a new language—Legalese.
6) God wrote the very best laws and used language that any ordinary man can understand. Law is not a study in linguistics but in morality and justice.
7) If a person is willing to redefine a bumblebee as a “legal fish,” what is he incapable of? He will be capable of redefining sexual abuse, molestation and pedophilia as a “consensual relationship with a minor” or “love is love.” Anything can be justified once you sear your conscience enough to redefine words away from their ordinary meaning.
E.g. 1 A monogamous man, feeling suspicious, asked his girlfriend, Are you seeing another man? She said, No, but told her girlfriend that she sleeps with a few other men but doesn’t define that as “seeing” them. He should have outrightly asked, Are you sleeping with other men? in which case the answer would have been “yes” multiple times.
E.g. 2 On August 17, 1998, Bill Clinton was asked whether he lied when his lawyer stated on his behalf, “There is absolutely no sex of any kind in any manner, shape or form, with President Clinton [and Monica Lewinsky].” Clinton replied, “It depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is.”

8) It’s important to hermeneutics (a proper interpretation of the Bible) that Christians understand God does not do what lawyers do. He does not use words in a vastly different way from their ordinary sense. When He says He parted water, He means He split H2O. Liberal theologians engage in the same redefining and twisting of words as lawyers do when they try to explain away Biblical miracles.

E.g. When the Bible says “faith” it means “trust”. Nothing more or less. It does not mean “blind faith” or believing something without evidence. It means trust, which is always based on evidence. The stronger the faith the stronger the evidence. Biblical faith does not have a strange definition that would be unusual in normal language. The only way words are different in the Bible is when they are clearer than secular definitions. For instance, the word “love” has an ambiguous meaning in the secular world, but the Bible gives clarity by distinguishing 4 kinds of love and elevating God’s Love above human love.

9) Until people are truthful with words and until people in power are held accountable for their twisting of words (like calling bumblebees a fish), there will be no peace or justice.
Look what they're doing to Australia. Food shortage in "first world" nation.
Google engineer thinks the company’s AI has become sentient. Google says its ethics team says there’s no evidence. Sounds like nothing to worry about.
The Fed raises interest rates to fight inflation. The Bible, however, predicts runaway food prices (Revelation 6). Therefore I predict the elites will give up fighting inflation bc their interest is not to lower your cost of living but to keep printing money & protect the banking system.
…That meal gave him the strength to travel 40 days &n 40 nights until he reached Horeb, the mountain of God. He went into a cave there & spent the night. All of a sudden the LORD spoke to him, "Why are you here, Elijah?" 1 Kings 19:8-9 NET

Elijah spent a lot of time traveling and headed to a religious place: Horeb.
God told him to go the opposite direction: to Syria.
When you’re stressed, you head in the wrong direction.
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Despite being heavily armed and entering the Uvalde school just nine minutes after Ramos the killer, police officers waited nearly an hour to rescue the children and teachers. Eventually, at 12:50 p.m. a Border Patrol BORTAC agent ignored police orders and burst into the classroom, shooting and killing Ramos.

The photos tell us at least one thing: Justice did not come from the police.
You understood TRUTH if you were skeptical of Dan Andrews’ data collection and surveillance of citizens during COVID. “In early June, it was revealed that the government of the Australian state of Victoria used a data agency to track the EVERYDAY ACTIVITIES of Victorians, BEYOND WHAT WAS REQUIRED for Covid.” (Source: Reclaim the Net) In other words, they abused our trust and exploited our fears to increase their ability to control us for decades. They grabbed power and haven’t let go since the end of the pandemic. Our data is being abused because we didn’t consent to giving it for other “purposes”. We need a Digital Bill of Rights to protect our rights, and vote in a government that understands they serve us, not vice versa.
Join our maiden expedition of Saudi Arabia Oct 11-16. This is not a tour. We will be in 4WDs and trekking to the real Mount Sinai!  All food and water included. Please help me remind my adventurous Christian friends to book now, as registration and full payment closes end of July.

See you at the Top!

Pastor Steve Cioccolanti
Trump delivered big as predicted by my book & videos: the 1973 injustice of Roe v Wade has been overturned today. Trump got more done in 4 years than many conservatives and critics do in a lifetime. See what else is coming & needs to be done.

Babies react to SCOTUS decision.
From @bennyjohnson
Abortionists brutally attack a street Preacher and pro-life woman in Seattle. They blasphemed by ripping up and stepping on God’s Word. If this had been done against Islam and the Quran, there would be worldwide riots against “hate crimes.” Christians have little hope of relying on “hate crime” laws because of identity politics.

It’s a hate only if you speak against abortion, sexual perversion and Islam. It’s not a hate if you assault a Christian whose God and message you despise. This trampling of the pages of the Word of God will not be ignored by the LORD. Watch for divine justice to fall on Seattle. There will be a harvest of trampling.

PSALM 138:2… For You have magnified Your word above all Your name.