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What makes someone NOT a “man after God’s own heart”? Look at Saul, the contrast to David. Saul was a blamer—he always thought he was doing good, then he quickly blamed others when he’s caught disobeying God.
David gave a lot of credit to God, was fiercely loyal to friends and didn’t blame anyone but himself. Even though he was an adulterer, God preferred David over Saul.
Most people still want a Saul for their leader more than a David. It proves they don’t know how to recognize a man after God’s own heart.
Biden is a blamer.
Trump is a loyal person.
Biden is our Saul.
Trump is our David.
Christians who say they “can’t support Trump b/c he’s an adulterer” are telling you
1) they don’t understand the Bible,
2) they don’t understand God’s heart,
3) they don’t understand redemption,
4) they would have loved Saul and persecuted David.
Read this science article. I’m sure it’ll get strong reactions. The godless left constantly denies the permanent effect of a female’s first sexual encounter, but it is confirmed in other species and evidence is mounting in humans. I draw a few observations from it:

1) The Bible is right about the value of virginity—a Christian man should marry a virgin
2) Men, your offspring can be affected by your woman’s PREVIOUS sexual partner.
3) Sex is permanent. It leaves a permanent change in women, not only in breaking her hymen forever, but also changing her body and genes forever.
4) Men and women are different (Period).

Researchers at the University of New South Wales, Australia, may have provided us with scientific findings to support the idea that offspring can resemble a mother's previous sexual partner – kind of. They did the study with flies, but let's not forget how flies are used as a tool in human disease research.
Research fellow Angela Crean reveals how offspring size is determined by the first male the mother mated with – emphasis on the first male, not the current dad of the offspring. “The genetic tests showed that even though the second male fertilized the eggs, the offsprings’ size was determined by the condition of the first male,” she says. “The cool thing is that the non-genetic effects we are seeing are not necessarily tied to the fertilization itself.”
The implication of this is that previous sexual partners may leave a long-standing legacy in females. A previous study on fruit flies further supports this theory when researchers at the University of East Anglia discovered how semen could take control of female flies' genes. "It’s already known that seminal fluid proteins transferred from males during mating cause remarkable effects in females – including altered egg laying, feeding, immunity, sleep patterns, water balance, and sexual receptivity," lead researcher Professor Tracey Chapman explains. "We tested here the effects of one enigmatic seminal fluid protein, known as the ‘sex peptide,’ and found it to change the expression of a remarkable array of many genes in females – both across time and in different parts of the body."
Chapman also called the semen protein a "master regulator," meaning that males have a "direct and global influence on the behavior and reproductive system of the female," and that "such effects may well occur across many species." 
Fascinatingly (or disturbingly to some), this “theory” known as telegony is a wide-held belief among professional animal breeders. This idea actually dates all the way back to Aristotle, who alleged that the characteristics of the one who “deflowers” the virgin will go on to pass to the direct – and indirect – offspring. In the 19th century, Lord Morton bred a white mare with a quagga stallion, but when he later bred that same mare with a white stallion, the offspring apparently came out with striped legs like the quagga.
In 2005, an assessment published by The American Journal of Medicine proved that male microchimerism (the presence of a small number of cells or DNA in a person that originated from another) was found in women without sons. Levels of the male cells were significantly higher in the induced abortion group. 
Look this same topic up on Google, and you’ll find that many articles describe this theory as “false” and “understudied.” However, the funding of science is broken, and genuine studies with real results are few in number.

BREAKING: Tucker Carlson removed from FoxNews.
Dan Bongino gone last week.
Tucker Carlson gone today, after airing never-before-seen footage of the Jan. 6, 2021 Capitol protest, and interviewing Donald Trump & Elon Musk.
Who’s next?
Greg Gutfeld?
There must be no Fox News left before 2024.
Language molds opinions. Democrats are better at propagandizing language than conservatives and independents.
When Democrats push for race-based privileges and exemptions, they call it “diversity” or “black lives matter.”
When conservatives make a case for racial equality, Democrats label it “white grievance politics.” Why don’t conservatives label the other side as “dangerous lack of diversity” or “black grievance politics”?
If someone disagrees with the opinions of Democrats, they always label them “FAR-right.”
If someone disagrees with the opinions of conservatives, they label them with the neutered “political left” or the non-emotive “left-wing.” Why don’t they call them “FAR-left” or “extremist Marxist”?
The more I see the differences, the more the conservatives and Democrats exemplify archetypal male/ female duality.
The Democrats are feminine, more verbal, use words as weapons, focus on receiving.
The conservatives are masculine, less verbally intelligent, use logic to no avail as a tool of social influence, focus on producing.
Watching the left and right argue is like watching a couple going through a bitter divorce. The woman only needs to accuse to get what she wants. The man defends himself, offers concessions and money to appease, and exits the court in a bewildered state after finding out the legal system favors one side. The Right looks bewildered as the Democrats hurl non-stop insults at them. What say you?
God has a long history of using flawed people. —Jesus Revolution

Go see it.
This is the season when the Lord of Hosts will allow the wealth of the nations to transfer to the just in order to pay the wages of the harvesters (soul winners). Anything is possible if you believe.
He did it! Elon and Tucker are partnering on Twitter to promote freedom of speech (instead of the mainstream lies). I believe it won’t be long before our YouTube followers will have to migrate to Twitter. YouTube has suppressed our channel for too long. Freedom of speech may returning soon:
Has anyone noticed Insurance and Lotto are the same business? They collect a little money from a lot of people and once in a while payout a customer in the future. Both depend on luck. The winner of one is called unlucky; the winner of the other is called lucky. Both charge money for a possible future. Both insanely rich, non cyclical businesses. One plays to people’s greed; the other plays to people’s fears. If fear call it Insurance; if greed call it Lotto.

People are interested in the future and willing to pay for it. So why not pay the price for Eternity? Repenting of your sins and living life for Jesus has 100% payout in the distant future. By analogy Jesus is the Biggest Lotto ticket and Insurance Policy you could ever get.
First time YouTube said to us they won’t show our video or notify our audiences even though it DOES NOT violate their policy (!). You be the judge: is this “violence” or fair reporting on behalf of victims who have been ignored? End-Time Massacre of Christians in INDIA |
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Billions of jabs with toxic side effects or eat what your grandma cooked to prevent COVID 19.

Corporate science has made the world sicker and the new generation doesn’t question it because it has lost the “ancient paths” (Jeremiah 6:16).
In case there was any question