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3 screenings by Ocean Love Cinema at Hout Bay, Powered by @cinewav
YAY! We're really excited to announce we're STARTING SCREENINGS again next week!!

Cinewav at Marina at Keppel Bay with:

Jimami Tofu The Movie Thurs 31st Mar
Hidden Figures Fri 1st April

Book now in the Cinewav app (Apple, Google App stores) (Jimami Tofu) (Hidden Figures)

Everyone must book their own ticket through the app but seating can be arranged based on current SMM.

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We're very excited to announce that CINEWAV will be providing immersive, synced audio for some of the amazing light installations at @vividsydney this year! Watch the light projections, listen on your phone.

Cinewav is honoured to partner with Vivid Sydney in 2022 to provide immensely scalable, synchronised, and personalised audio for their large-scale public exhibits. Cinewav is a world-first technology that allows users to watch a large public visual display, such as the light projections at Vivid Sydney, while listening to a HD-quality soundtrack on their smartphone that is perfectly in sync with the visuals.
Distance is no longer a factor; users just need to be able to see the exhibit to use the Cinewav app and listen to the connected soundtrack. Imagine watching light projections on the Sydney Opera House from across the harbour while listening to the audio soundtrack via your phone. This year, discover a deeper experience at Vivid Sydney —put on some earphones and enjoy immersive HD audio as you explore the Light Walk.

David Beckham was in town and gave us a shout out...
Then Ryan Reynolds Reposted!
Cinewav in Okinawa Japan... Watching a big screen shared experience under the stars with HD audio from your phone. Sea breeze, no noise pollution and eco friendly audio.
Eco friendly audio. Watch on a big screen listen on your phone. Eliminates speakers, audio cabling, big power draw, noise pollution... Create outdoor events anywhere with minimal equipment.
"This, to me, is tech at its best – when it’s invisible and it allows you to enjoy and be truly immersed in the experience." Yeoh Siew Hoon on the Cinewav experience with movies and now tours!
Cinewav Japan launches a series of screenings at Hotel Anteroom Okinawa. Cinewav app has been translated into Japanese. Other languages coming soon.

A local film will be played over 8 screenings at this beautiful rooftop in Okinawa. Cinewav once again allows us to create cinematic experiences anywhere with minimal setup and is eco friendly - no power needed for noisy speakers, no audio cables, no mixer desks... Everyone has personal high quality audio through their phone perfectly in sync with the visuals.

#outdoor #movie #immersive #audio #solution #moviesunderthestars