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​​Bad news:
Instagram sells your personal photos and videos for commercial use, and the female half of humanity is constantly bombarded with unwanted content.

Good news:
NFT can solve both of these problems.

But how?

The topic on the subreddit called "Can NFTs change the rules of the game for unwanted damn photos?" is gaining popularity. It is proposed to list all received photos of the 18+ character on the exchange as NFT art with the indication of the original owner. Then, a nude photographer is required to redeem his masterpiece and destroy іt (or sell on the secondary market, everyone decides for himself).

If the owner of the photo refuses to purchase NFT, his name is forever stored in the public blockchain to see on the Internet, which, as you know, “remembers everything”. NFT sale is already seen as an exciting new NFT-project to restore social justice and limit unwanted photos 😌

In addition, the author of the topic suggested a methodology for comparing photographs and identifying their authors. The technique is called "Dick's Proof" and should help in resolving disputes about the drops of the same you know what.

And if in endless unwanted photos in direct, Instagram acts only as a tool, then in the case of the sale of your personal photos, it becomes the main villain. Yes, the social network has the right to sell your photos and videos (even from your private profile) to third-party companies for commercial use. And you yourself allowed him to do it ⬇️

The license agreement that you accept upon registration says:
“When you post or upload content that is subject to intellectual property rights (such as photos or videos) into our Service, or share such content in connection with our Service, you hereby grant us a non-exclusive, royalty-free, worldwide license with the right to transfer and sublicense your content, use, distribute, modify, launch, copy, publicly perform or display, translate your content and create derivative works based on it (in accordance with your privacy and application settings). "

This means that Instagram can transfer your content to a third party under a sublicense. If this is done for a fee, then all the income goes to Facebook. At the same time, the service is not obliged to notify you about the transaction or ask for permission.

So, your photo from Anapa beach may well be placed on a pack of yogurt in Uganda or on a foreign media website, and you will not even know about it 🤷‍♀️

Once again, NFT comes to the rescue. You probably already guessed how.

And if not — click the like button, and we will describe in more detail the mechanism of copyright protection using NFT!
Elon Musk has chosen another coin for the pump? 😱

Just today, the owner of Tesla and Space X published another post on Twitter, where he said the following: "Telsa has 💎🙌"

Is it possible that this phrase meant the company's investment in TON Crystal? 🤔 We don't know for sure, but Elon has always been famous for his unpredictability, especially in terms of cryptocurrencies!

There is a possibility that Tesla really invested in TON Crystal. After all, this coin differs from the rest with its unique blockchain and smart contract system! In any case, if our guesses are true, then this will significantly affect the price of TON in the near future! 😌

We look forward to the news! 🔥

Are you ready to take a risk and buy TON Crystal now to check its future destiny? 😜 You can do it on Chatex!
​​How hamsters shaved Wall Street or the world's first economic flashmob 🐹

You've probably heard about GameStop and the Reddit attack on Wall Street. Let's take a closer look at this and find out where the cryptocurrency has to do with it.

So, GameStop is a company engaged in the retail sale of discs, consoles and other game stuff, which since 2015 began to feel difficulties with the existing business model. This is not surprising, because digital distribution of games has been putting pressure on physical media and offline retail for several years. In addition, amid the pandemic, the company's shares fell to a historic low: their price is about $4.5 per share. 🤷‍♀️

It’s not hard to guess that with these results and the economic outlook, GameStop has become an excellent candidate for short-sellers of stocks.

And all would be fine, but the situation with GameStop came to the attention of traders from Reddit, who saw the injustice that the "big guys" from Wall Street "profit" from the dying company. And they decided to teach boomers a lesson (if you don't know who boomers are, then most likely you are a boomer 😁).

“Mom's traders" from the subreddit r/wallstreetbets began to buy options on GameStop shares under the slogans "Save the honor of the gamer" and "Punish the piranhas from hedge funds." And the more options were bought, the more the share price grew. Losses of hedge funds, which were betting on the decline in the value of shares, exceeded $5 billion. Many had to borrow money to stabilize.

The situation worsened when Mem-Lord Elon Musk joined the party. With his tweet, he doubled the value of GameStop shares (and, apparently, realized that Twitter can be used not only for jokes on Rogozin). At the end of January, the cost of one share of a gaming retailer was about $360, which at a cost of $4 per share in January 2020 indicated an increase of 9000% per year 🤯

The wallstreetbets community grew to 8 million subscribers and seemed to be celebrating a victory when suddenly ...

At the height of the battle between redditors and boring men and aunts in jackets, the popular private trading service Robinhood blocked the possibility of buying GameStop shares. The problem is that it was Robinhood that was the main platform for investing in GameStop. positioned as a free service for ordinary people. However, it turned out that the Robinhood platform's earnings were in the sale of data on the behavior of its users to large brokers and traders. Therefore, it is not surprising that as soon as the flash mob with a pump of shares went beyond the scope, Robinhood decided to protect its own clients 🙄

And here we are smoothly moving from the confrontation in the stock market to the cryptocurrency market. After the events with GameStop, the same Robinhood stopped Dogecoin trading when the meme cryptocurrency was just being pumped. And only with the help of the support of the crypto flash mob by the wallstreetbets community admin, the Doge cost soared by 1000% per day.

And then you know.Or not?

Perhaps we can write in more detail about why this is definitely not the last economic flash mob and why Elon Musk took up active manipulation of the crypto market.

You know the conditions. Forward 👍
Dear, users! Chatex is now available in the mobile app for Android!

🔹 We are expanding our ecosystem by becoming a cross-platform service, so we have released a crypto wallet specifically for your convenience.

🔹 Now you can store and send cryptocurrency via our official Chatex app!

🔹 We have tried to make it as simple and convenient as possible, reliable and safe to use. Everything for your comfort!

Download the app now!

We look forward to your feedback! 💎
​​How is the price of art formed? 🖼

Many do not understand how a picture from the Internet can cost real money and why they are willing to pay millions of dollars for cryptoart. In fact, there is always logic in the formation of the value of art, and it does not matter if it is digital art on the blockchain or real painting exhibited in a museum.

Let's try to understand, using the example of traditional painting, how the price of art is formed. Perhaps, after this article, it will become clear to you why Nyan Cat went under the hammer for 43 million rubles and why buy NFT art now 🥰

Take a close look at the picture under this post. How much would you buy it on the NFT exchange?

Maybe, you wouldn't even think about it. But what if it turns out that this picture was made from a sketch from the lost drafts of the great abstractionist of the 20th century - Kazemir Malevich? Then, the cost of the picture in your eyes will rise. And if it turns out that this picture was made by Malevich's great-grandson himself and transferred to us the exclusive copyright for this picture? The cost will go up a little more, right? 💰

But what if, after the creation of this picture, Malevich's great-grandson solemnly burned down his art workshop and publicly declared that he would never paint anything again and that this was his last work? Yes, in this case, you will already be ready to pay a significant amount for this picture.

After all, a set of pixels with such a background will instantly arouse interest among cryptocollectors. Such a picture can be resold several times more expensive than the purchase price. And over the years, like paintings in museums, the value of this picture will only grow👌

To further understand the analogy between the cost of NFT art and traditional painting, let's compare our picture with paintings by Rembrandt (why not?). The Hermitage houses the most expensive of all the existing paintings by Rembrandt, “Danae", dated 1636. It is not only more expensive than all other paintings by the author, but also surpasses in value all paintings with a similar plot and style of writing.

And there are several reasons for this:

The first reason is the time painting was created. Danae was painted during the golden age of Dutch painting. And he, traditionally, is considered the most expensive among collectors.

Another important factor in the cost was the "non-publicity" of the picture. Rembrandt painted this picture for himself and did not want to sell it. He inscribed in the image of the character of Danae at the same time the facial features of his deceased wife and new companion. Nobody saw this picture until the death of the author. And after his death, it was sold with all the rest of Rembrandt's property.

The next hundred years "Danae" most likely spent in a private collection, until another event happened that affected its value. In the 18th century, Catherine II bought Danae and 4,000 more paintings by famous European artists, thereby forming the first painting gallery in the Russian Empire

And a few hundred years later, the last and most important event in the life of "Danae" takes place that influenced its value ⬇️

On June 15, 1985, a middle-aged man entered the Hermitage, no different from the rest of the museum's visitors, and asked an art critic: "Which painting is the most expensive on display?" And you probably already guessed what answer the man received: «Danae."

After that, he went to the picture, took out a knife and tore the canvas in several places. And after that, he splashed acid on "Danae". The picture bubbled, turned black and smudged ...

The man was detained. During a search of his house, they found the “Krokodil” magazines, a prayer book, portraits of Hitler and a reproduction of Danae. And the restoration of the painting took 12 years of continuous daily work.

As a result, over 400 years, Rembrandt's painting received a story, the same "background" that shaped its value and value among collectors 😌
The value lies not in the canvas or the collection of pixels, but in the story.
There will be NFC chips and NFT tokens assigned to each stamp, which will allow to verify the authenticity of stamps.
The cost of one stamp will be $12
Taproot will allow us to approach the next stage of organizing smart contracts on the blockchain, as well as improve privacy
A new AMA session is coming! We hope you are waiting for it as much as we are 💙

Two speakers are waiting for you — Peter Savello, already familiar to some of you, and our specially invited guest Vlada Krivtsova. So our AMA session will be 2x more powerful! 💥

We will tell you:
🔹 will the bitcoin rate grow and what can we expect from the crypto market in the close future;
🔹 why nobody believes Elon Musk and who are Anonymous threatening him with war;
🔹 what is Bitcoin citadel, what message from the future was posted on Reddit in 2013 and how much it is confirmed;
🔹 when will the crypto winter start and whether investors should panic.

Ready to spend your lunch/evening discussing the latest news? Come here to our chat on June, 10, at 2 pm UTC to share your thoughts and keep the conversation going, we are interested in what you think about this!

And don't forget that you can ask questions and communicate with experts during the session. See you soon 🔥
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Musk wrote: “Baby Shark blows everyone! More views than people (on the planet)"
"It seems that the whales are confidently buying this fall" - quote from analytical service Santiment
Acceptance of bitcoins for payment will become mandatory. It takes 90 days to create a payment infrastructure